↪Beautiful Nature : Flower from the Heaven "KADUPUL"🌼↩

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I'm posting very latest Kadupul Flowers, 🌼blooms at my Home Garden..

Captured by Samsung Galaxy S5.. 📸

The flower of Kadupul, the native flower of Sri Lanka, is said to be the most expensive flower in the world...

Why...? Because it is priceless..!

Because technically a cactus, Kadupul flower is found only in Sri Lanka and Incredibly rare, this stunning white flower blooms at night and survives mere hours, meaning the catch even a glimpse of it is almost impossible..

Due to its cactus roots, each Kadupul flower has a very short life and is only able to survive the night, before it fades to nothing at dawn...

Despite this, the fragrance of Kadupul is celebrated all over the world for its soothing qualities... Unfortunately, the only way to experience the wonderful perfume of this flower is to buy a bottle of perfume inspired by Kadupul, and unless you are very lucky, most will never have the opportunity to indulge in their soothing fragrance - which is also known as midnight miracle...


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