Discord appreciation

in nature •  last year

I reflect on my experience of joining discord chat to interact with the P3D ethereum token developers and community members, and how my steemit account aided in improving that experience.

I explain why I'm powering down my steem account to bitcoin, so I can repurchase the steem power for curation accounts not associated with my name.

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About to go for my walk now, probably for 90 minutes, I always smoke a spliff before and finish it off halfway through the walk...I am hoping to meet this white owl that used to greet me during my walk

Some people hate other people who are richer than them out of envy.

But some people become angry with people as rich as you because they are mindful of the good that your money could do if it were someplace other than your bank account or steem wallet.

Not everyone enjoys your level of wealth and security. There are people in the US working for 40 hours a week to earn the equivalent of about 5,500 Steem per year. Depending on what state you are living in, you probably see some of them every time you leave the house. And there are people from other countries who work all day to earn what one of those US minimum-wage workers would collect in an hour.

How much Steem are you sitting on? Spreading it between accounts doesn't magically make it disappear.

I don't hate you, because I don't know you, and because I don't know the whole story on what may (or may not) have done in the past. But if you want to do something good, put some of that money to work making things better for people other than yourself - people who need the money more than you do.


with upvotes, steem power helps tons of commenters and bloggers on steemit, and many of them are poor, so yeah


Do you have a logo file I can use for my profile of the new spaceship?

This is a smart move Craig. But I won't give up on the Craig Grant brand if I were you. Keep fighting. It will get better some day.


Keep fighting. It will get better some day.

Just like the words of the holy writings: "He who endures right to the end will see salvation!"
Persevere please!

Honest video, keep on Steeming!

Seems you got a good plan well mapped out. Others will take a hint of this and do thesame

excillent post sir DQmPKJSToSeXWqR6pspSKGqcMMyeM3q4yEDKoVyrNdNuWY6_1680x8400.png


What is this a demon?

New spaceship, same passengers, I joined yesterday and today with your link...

that's great a big appreciation for you, its amazing you hold thousands of BCC tokens

A great appreciation for your commitment, I aspire for a moment to be like your success.

Someday it will improve my friend, do not give up. @craig-grant

You made a great post. You liked your video .... and I'm waiting for your next post

a good friend's video

Wow, Smaller code seems and same solution.
That efficiency is key.

I like your passion 👍