To geotag, or not to geotag?

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I was in Carmel with some friends this weekend (in a hot tube, with wine, the perfect setting for some high-quality arguing) and a debate arose. Some of the group was really up in arms about geotagging (a little background: these friends are avid hikers/backpackers/climbers/adventure seekers and devote most of their lives to these activities). I, for one, have never thought twice about geotagging, but also don't typically go to the "hidden gems" or exclusive spots that no one else knows about. The argument was that if you geotag a spot, then everyone learns about it and the spot is ruined.

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To me, this seemed like a very hipster point of view, but I tried to see their side. I guess if too many people find out about something exclusive, it can lead to it becoming overcrowded and/or eventually getting trashed. However, I, myself have learned about some pretty cool things due to geotagging and have really enjoyed it. For the most part, exclusive and little-known places aren't known because of difficulty of access. If you find a hotspring 10 miles away from any roads, the majority of humans will never visit. The type of people to visit these places typically already know about them because it's the nature of being an adventurer.

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I've never come to a place and been angry that it's being enjoyed by others. I'm of the "sharing is caring" attitude and I know that there are enough badass things on this earth to go around. I hope that everyone gets outside and enjoys nature - no matter how they learn about it in the first place. All of the above pictures are examples of places that I never would have known about if it hadn't been for some form of social media. And yeah, I geotagged the shit out of them!

Has anyone had any beef with geotagging? Support it? Do it?


Then again, you can always geotag random places just to make people go out there. :)
Nahhh, I wouldn't do that...

I am all for it! I once asked a photographer on Instagram about a local location in a photo of his-- he told me it was a secret and if I wanted to know I could pm him about it as long as I promised not to tell.
Really, dude? Really? Unfollowed.
At the same time, my social anxiety dictates that when I arrive to a place and it's crawling with other people, I turn around and leave. So I do see both sides of the story.
Overall, though, sharing is caring and I feel that geotagging is a great thing. :)
Thanks for the great post! Cheers!

I agree! Although I am a pretty social person and typically stay in crowded places - it's just a different kind of experience. I tend to avoid going into the Yosemite Valley because of the traffic, but I love knowing that so many people are getting into the outdoors! It's almost energizing to go around and see the different cultures represented there!

And there's so much other beauty to explore in that area!

If it weren't for the geotag, phone apps, internet, it is hard to imagine all the awesome places I would have never known about or visited. Selfishly, I am about the geotag. I find all sorts of cool places off Instagram from all over the globe. I find it enriching and fascinating. Not that I'll be able to visit all the places. It was very helpful for the geotags I found on a trip out to Utah and the Tetons and find sweet (specifically bouldering) places I wouldn't have found otherwise. It seems those that are in for the "tourist experience" tend not to make to far past the parking lot or to the most popular places (like Arches National Park, wow yuck, so many people on a Tuesday 9am). While, the dedicated go the distance. And the dedicated are often the ones who respect the are and keep it preserved.

My thoughts exactly! It's like comparing Yosemite Valley to JUST outside of the valley on any hiking trail - the humans just seem to disappear!

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