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I love being so immersed with nature. I've been living in a tent for over 3 months in a massive extinct volcano, who's plug is a sacred Aboriginal mountain (Wollumbin) as my back yard.

The land is charged and Sparks off my dreams at night. I follow the moon cycles as it is impossible to no longer notice. I set new intentions Every time it's new and seams to disappear. The milky way catches my eye every night as I brush my teeth or wake up to the sounds of the possums scratching around for food. As the air warms with the spring, the lightning bugs mix their phosphorescent mixtures in their rumps and dot the inky night with lime green flashes. I hear the sacred cows calling out in heat and through the misty mornings the birds do the same.

I set out years ago to understand 'Gaian Holism' and what it means for me and our species. It's this. This experience. It seeps into my thoughts and my art. My writing and my consciousness. What a blessing it is to be here and alive in the dirt machine we call out bodies.

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