Kayaking The Lazy River

in nature •  21 days ago

Hey y'all.

Here's a little vlog kayaking down a local river, we try to get out when it's not raining but of course it started raining, so we went kayaking down the river in the rain... The water is a bit murky because it's been raining a lot (even during our kayaking trip). Haha, but it was fun as always.

Hope you enjoy the little relaxing vlog!

As always,

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I have always wanted to go kayaking! There aren't many placed to go around here until you get into Grand Canyon area. Plus, I'm also not the most adventurous person.

So it works that I can watch you do it instead! Haha :p


Haha, I love the outdoors but I wouldn't say I'm the most adventurous either. You should try it though it's pretty fun. 😀 Thanks for watching Beth.

Can i resteem your post on my blog ??


Thats what the resteem button is for 😀



Done you can visit my profile




Lol ok i will resteem but not this one, this is not your post so i will resteem your post

the river looks beautiful, it's because you look beautiful


The river is beautiful 😀

Good job... great post I like it...❗️

beautiful landscape and you look great with that ha


haha, it's a must!

@alphasteem I think the kayaking river is located in Australia, frankly enjoy different from the river, feel the river's water, create a passion in our mind, I thinks you are very enjoying


Thanks, The river is in the United States 😀 thanks for watching.


@alphasteem It was very nice to know, actually, the kayaking river, there is an Australia, so I thought, maybe, it is very nice to talk to you, Ami steemit is absolutely new, you can help me sometimes Do,

@alphasteem. it looks awesome that river friend beautiful photo congratulations thank you for sharing.@alphasteem

Kayaking lol, did that once when i was young. Just got on D.tube first video i watched.


You gotta try it again! Welcome to dtube it't the place to be if you like making videos 😀

So beautiful!! We go kayaking too. So relaxing. Ummm I'm just worried about alligators....did u see any?!


In northern GA no alligators because it gets freezing in the winter they don't come this far north...they are more in southern GA and Florida swamp territory. We are near Atlanta.

Its rain here too. Look like a lot of fun there :) Your hat seem to be perfect for the sun.


haha it is perfect for the sun, I don't like my face in the sun too much even though the hat is too big. Maybe we'll go kayaking in Thailand one day!

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Waoooo so beautiful scene..You too looking beautiful on this tour.!


Thanks it is nice scenery!


Thank you 😀


Your are welcome 👍

Awesome weather here also rainy and cloudy. @alphasteem
Also check my posts @crypto.update

That looks sooooo nice! Definitely don't have any beautiful rivers like that in LA... it makes me want to get out into the country though!


I know I used to live in OC. But I love the outdoors so I moved to Atlanta 😀

hahaha awesome!! That is so funny, last night a huge group of us when tubing down the Salt River which is about 25 minutes from my house. So much fun! There was a cool river I floated down with my brother and his wife and a few other people in Northern Georgia a few years ago. I think it was in a German Town, I can't remember the name of the town or the river. But I still have the river shoes that I bought there, and used them last night! Looks like you had fun as well!


I think I know which one your talking about, can't think of the name off the top of my head but I want to visit around Christmas time it looks very nice and I know the nature up north is beautiful. How is your vacation going? You shouldn't be on social media! lol


I remember the town! It is called Helen. :) haha Yes it was very nice up there! I am sure the town is decorated pretty cool for Christmas! We don't leave for the cabin until Monday around 12. lol

wow, this is an exciting journey. I really want to travel like you @alphasteem . in this vlog you seem very happy. Can the happiness you share to us?


You should! 😀

So beautiful. Being freely in nature like that must be amazing.


Oh yeah it is awesome. I love the outdoors. Thanks for stopping by Sergio.


I am not very outdoorsy myself. But i love to see others beeing eheheeh

@alphasteem it looking very good with u cool looking hat


haha thanks! It's a lifesaver.

Oh you filmed it perfectly,,,
are you using a go pro ??? Seems you are enjoying a lot :D
Its monsoon time here also


Partly go pro partly cell phone. It's always fun river kayaking. Let's see your video doing it! 😀


which cell phone ??
Iphone ???
i will be posting my video on hills soon, will notify you for sure @alphasteem

@alphasteem , You Look Beautiful In Local village river . I hope You Give Me your comment On My post .https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@vijaysingh/what-happened-after-3-and-5-july-in-india

insanely good video! Funny because I literally just a made a kayaking video in the rain myself! I would love to come kayak down there looks awesome.


Hey! that is pretty funny. I just checked yours out. Yours was insanely good I love the cinematic cuts. Yeah it's a fun activity for sure, although Im always a little apprehensive about it haha.

That looked like great fun. I used to do a bit of canoeing years back on a local river and this took me back. So chilled doing things like this, I may have to try it again. Nice video it was very relaxing to watch.


Hey just thanks for watching! Yeah we love to go kayaking, sometimes combined with fishing but its harder to get the pole in there lol. You totally should try it it would be great with the kids. 😀

kayaking in lazy river it is really good topics.kayaking is extra advanture. kayaking in silent river with natural beauti every body be spellbound. thanks for nice video..

Looks like a fun marriage