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fresh-rambutan-fruit-white-background-35499807.jpgIt is a plant that can be grown from sea level to 1800 to 2000 feet. Sprouting can be grown in soil moisture and saline soil. The best time for planting raspberries is from June to November. A small slope for cultivation is the best place for agriculture. The ponds can be cultivated in radius of 15 feet and 20 feet in length, width, width and depth. The rambutan is made up of pits filled with diameter, dung, wormwood, compost, bone meal, rock phosphate and lettuce cake. Budded seedlings of hybrid seedlings for planting; A small hole in the middle of the pits can be planted with a sprig of sprouting sprout vine. After planting the seedlings, cut the sides of the hole and make it slightly slim.102469307-man-holding-a-rambutan-fruit-on-a-rambutan-tree-background-.jpg

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