The Homestead Herb Factory

Lately, my husband and I have been busy surrounding ourselves with herbs and botanicals.

There are bundles hanging all over the place slowly drying, the dehydrator is always full and then we've got the mesh drying racks loaded up as well. I love these racks as they really do pack a lot of herbs into a small space. These herbs and botanicals are used for culinary, medicinal and skincare products.

Many of them will be infused in oil for soap and skincare, others will be infused in raw apple cider vinegar. We've decided to start making our tinctures using a product that we can make ourselves: Apples. Vodka is expensive and not guaranteed accessible but apples grow on our land and we've become quite good at making ACV. It acts as a good Here's the recipe for apple cider vinegar if you are ever tempted to try it!

Of all the things we do around here, working with herbs is my favorite. I find it therapeutic and uplifting. Plus, I get to feel like a witch because this place takes on an old-world sort of vibe with all these herbs hanging from the rafters in bundles.

My internet connection is being a pain today so I'll have to continue this post and share more photos tomorrow.







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Thank you! :)

Oh that is lovely, you kitchen witch you! I can just imagine the scents around your place, must be divine!

So much better than canning season when the house (and I) smell like vegetables (not that they smell bad - but herbs are so divine). Hope your growing season has been a good one - its been the best one we've had which is interesting considering the neglect on the garden. I've only watered it about 5 times since spring.

I've been away from the gardens alot this month for my husband had kidney stones that meant lots of trips to the city and I've been taking care of my Granddaughter every second week for her mom just got a full time job. So much neglect in my garden too! I haven't had to water at all outside for we are getting lots and lots of rain - good for somethings not so good for others. My peppers and basil are suffering from the cool and damp. Inside the covered garden or hoop house (I don't call it a green house for it has no heat source except the sun or cooling except opening the flaps on the sides) things are growing pretty good but slow again because of the lack of heat and sunlight. Also the cannabis plants were getting a bit of mold on some branches so we pruned them off so we didn't risk loosing the whole crop to mold. Happy you are having a productive year - I guess it's all that previous work you put in heh! And good old Mother Nature!

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Jealous of your old world witchy vibe. I've got a lot of feverfew coming up, so I'll be drying and tincturing some soon. :)

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feverfew is so lovely!! I wish I had some growing. It does not seem to survive winters here sadly. For some reason feverfew it makes me feel nostalgic.

Was that goldenrod in the roses? Already??

I know right? The black eyed susans have taken over a field and the goldenrod is coming up fast - the landscape is turning gold and it's WAY TOO SOON!

I love those mesh drying racks! Where did you get them from? And yes to ACV... vodka IS expensive!!

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I love these drying racks and it's especially nice that they collapse all neatly into a small space-saving format. These ones are Canadian made but I know there are others like it. Here's an Australia site ...the one that's out of stock is the closest to what I have.

Did you just do research for me?? You are amazing!!! Gonna hunt em down!

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