Mindful Monday - One Hope

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Happy Monday Steemverse!
Are we ready for another week? Of course we are!! Why is that? Because those of us on this platform have something that is lacking in the world (even if it is the tiniest glimmer), HOPE. There is some part in all of us that hopes that we will have that one post that sends us over the top. We hope that we can make earnings to help with our lives. There are even those that hope they are making a difference.

When we fall on dark times our thought process changes and those small seeds of hope seem to disappear. In all honesty, those seeds are still there. They become hidden in the shadows. Without those little seeds of hope life can take a catastrophic turn.

How we interpret what is going on in our lives is unique to each us. Just like what gives us hope is unique to each of us. Sure we can have aligned thoughts, but we are our own selves. Some can find hope easier than others, while there are those that cannot.

We are the sum of our experiences both positive and negative. As we have talked about in the past we have to determine how we live our lives. We do have control over whether we are happy or not. It is all a matter of how you view the situations around you. Have you ever wondered what causes or triggers depression? If you look at things plainly, when a depression starts you have lost some portion of hope. Depression in a way is a grieving process for hope.

Crazy? Not really if you look at it plainly. Five stages to grieving, right?

  1. Denial and isolation
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance.

We all should know that these stages don't take place in any preconceived order they happen on their own schedule and on your mind's terms.


When I take a step back and look at how I am when a depression starts through the end, I can see it. I deny my feelings. I start to withdraw from those around me. My answers to questions are simple, I don't elaborate. I start getting irritable in general, but actually I am angry that I lost the hope I had for the situation. I promise myself I won't do it again. 'I will keep an open mind. I will not have any expectations (hope) that I will come through unscathed. The I am sad, depressed about the situation. I don't think I am any good, you know the regular beat yourself up scenario. Then when I can see this, accept what happened can I move forward.

I am sure that if you took a moment to look at a depression episode, it all comes back to a hope you had, died.

We do not have a singular hope. We have hundreds, thousands of hopes big deal if one dies. It is a big deal when we lose hope that is when we reach hopelessness. When those hiding seeds cannot be seen at all. There is no glimmer even way off in the distance. All there is, is black. Darkness. Sometimes we have to wade through that darkness to search for that seed. Believe it or not you will eventually find one.

When I faced my darkest time, there was no hope. I honestly believed that. I continued because of my kids. I don't know if it was the right decision. I still sometimes think of the pain they went through is a lot more than if I would have died. I try to remind myself that isn't the case. That because of what they have endured has made them into the people that they are. As I said we are the sum of our experiences.

If you are lacking hope, use someone else's. I have had to do that too. The ironically funny thing about someone who is depressed and suicidal, the don't want to die. They just can't seem to find that seed, even when it's right in front of them.


I don't think I can every share this enough. I have an open door. My discord name is on my banner. Talk to someone, anyone. I know how hard it is to open up to people that don't understand. I know how isolated you feel. Above all if you can't talk to anyone don't do anything. Try to sleep and take a look at things in the morning.



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I had never thought of depression like that - grieving for the loss of hope. But it does make sense and adds more clarity.
I like your idea of borrowing someone else's hope, And it is so true there is a lot of hope on Steem!
Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks @porters. It was an epiphany moment. It's nice when that kind of clarity comes along.

What a great analogy for depression and you are so right. It is the loss of hope. And for any loss grieving is healthy - it helps to put things into perspective. This is making me reflect on my journey of the last two or so years and how it's taken me a while to get where I am. Thank you for the perspective.

Oh, and what a great Queen song to choose! And that video is so poignant, too, with excerpts of so many different parts of their career and Freddie's life.

What a great post! This time of year can be so painful and isolating thanks for bringing the dark to light. It's a hard time of year for many and I think too many of us stay silent and pretend everything's okay. I have a lot of people that depend on me so I feel like I have to be positive for them, and it's a big weight to carry sometimes. Thanks for beaming that hope out there!!!💜💕💙

You bet @consciousangel7. This is one of those posts that started one way then headed in a different direction. I glad it has a more positive tone, I was worried I was going dark.

I worry about that too when sharing and I feel it is so important to talk about the "dark" it's a huge part of being a human and so many people ignore it all together or pretend to be happy when they are suffering. For me acknowledging how I feel, feeling it, then I can move forward and heal. Thanks again 💜💕💙🙏🏻

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Certain situations in life can send one into depression. to name a few-Divorce, loss of a child, health problems. it’s important not to stay in that state too long. Hope will eventually pull one up.

I think having empathy for others includes feeling someone's joyful moment as much as it does someone's darkest moment. At least I hope so. It balances it all out, and I'd hate to think that some only experience the bad and never the good.

Nicely dissected explanation, what to be on the look out for in oneself and others, somehow I think we all experience this at different levels of consciousness @tryskele.

How we manage to climb over each hurdle, slowly evaluating life, we grow.

I don't guess I've ever struggled with depression. I've been down, but something always seems to bring me back around. It may be hope, but a faith in Jesus Christ also helps. I find it hard to stay down for long knowing I have a divine advocate. Cool post, though. I hope it helps someone.

Hello, dear friend. Congratulations on the @phc rally upvote... and rightly so...

We are the sum of our experiences both positive and negative. As we have talked about in the past we have to determine how we live our lives. We do have control over whether we are happy or not. It is all a matter of how you view the situations around you.

This goes hand in hand, with the mindset of my #thoughtfuldailypost movement. Spreading positive energy across our Blockchain... Perhaps that "one little positive thing" shared, could in turn, generate a beautiful wave of hope! Thank you... truly, for sharing this personal yet needed message...

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Thank you @wesphilbin 💜 and all the support Wow you are one busy little beaver!! Sorry, I forgot to use your tag. I think we need 30 tags allowed now LOL.

Glad you found some value in it. That was/is my goal when I started doing this. Beside a hiatus after HF20 last year. I started with Minduflness Monday the same time @pifc started (which is why I didn't start until week 2 with @pifc) To see it growing and evolving has been amazing. All with the purpose of knowledge and understanding. If one person can be helped from my experiences then I know I'm on the right track.


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We're coming up on the part of the year where missing loved ones seems to increase @tryskele. Thanks for the reminder that it is a normal progression after losing someone special. 🙏

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Both reason were what brought this post about. As I mentioned last week a friend of mine lost her son to suicide and the general feeling starting this time of year. I had planned a post about S.A.D in general, not sure if Ill do that now. We lose so many people due to that loss of hope, it's heartbreaking.

I like this part .. Because it is so true at times.
We can get depressed and being with others who have lots of positive energy is important. It helps to ease the sadness within us.

If you are lacking hope, use someone else's. I have had to do that too

Thanks @ireenchew. It does. Sometimes its draining, but overall it will help you get through.

@tryskele - so many true words here. Hope - so necessary and so hard to find at your lowest points. Love this:

If you are lacking hope, use someone else's

Thank you @blueeyes8960. I am so glad this thought seems to resonate with so many.

Maybe I am dumb or lucky, take your pick, but depression is not one of my many ailments. I am not perfect and not one of us are, but I have an irrevocable hope in all things. One thing that I have learned as a small fatherless child is that there is always hope that tomorrow things will get better.
My God has never let me down.

That is wonderful @papilloncharity. It is not something I wish on anyone. Faith is a powerful thing, it tends to follow hope. Admittedly it was hard not to breakdown between hope, faith, belief, wishes, and dreams. Hope and faith can lead you to the other. It is what is unique about that relationship.
With what you do faith is very necessary, since hope seems to fade when you see devastation.

You are so right my friend, true faith is the answer. Yes, we see the devastation both physically and spiritually, but we know that we are in a war my friend. It's what we do that counts
Hope you had a good Sunday!

I've often times told myself as well that without hope the day just cannot start. It has gotten me through a few days as well! Just like you, I cling to my children as well.

This is a great, insightful post. I think the important takeaway is to talk to someone. Anyone. A dog. Or do something, like a random act of kindness to an absolute stranger. I've found that a complete change of pace often helps me too.

Thank you very much for the post!

Thanks @wwwiebe.

I agree, to me that is a glimmer that is not seen. Things get so dark that it can't be seen for a time. We do wake up hoping that this day will be different.

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Howdy tryskele! Wonderful truth, wisdom and thought-provoking post. I'm glad you had your kids to live for when you were going through your darkest time!

Me too!! hehe. Occasionally, things drift to where my mind will tell me that they are better off without me. I just work through it. I think one thing I know that many don't understand is usually someone who is suicidal, doesn't want to to die. It is all wanting to stop hurting. The hurt and pain they feel, but not to be hurting those around them (yes this is usually the mindset).

With the epidemic that is going, writing all of this it does bring some insight back. These are really strong feelings and if as an adult it is a struggle imagine what it feels like to a kid. They haven't learned yet tomorrow is a new day.

Oh that is such an important point about the kids suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts, they haven't had the experience to learn how to handle it. They need to be helped before it's too late!

Inspiring! I read this quote a long time ago somewhere... I have kept it in mind to remind myself when dark times do set in. ^_^ have a great week! :))

When hope is all you've got, you've still got a lot.

Thank you @iamraincrystal. I hope it helps.

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