The Medicinal Power Behind Burflower Beauty.

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Few days ago, I posted some photographs of "Kadamb" and was very much surprised to find many people were not aware about it.
Read here to get a glimpse of natural beauty. The soft spiky flower has so common in our area. It add beauty to the tree and also many of our old generation derive certain medicinal benefit out of it.


The other common name is Neolamarckia Cadamba It has special mention in Ayurveda too. The flower is edible on ripening and quite favourite for the kids whonoften found hanging and playing on these trees. The tree too use in other medicinal purpose.


I asked many of the localities of its benefits and they summed me up with long list.

  • Eating ripe Kadamb is quite beneficial in case of indigestion

  • A mixture of Burflower it's Leafes and bark of the tree can benefit you to get rid of all allergy.

  • Applying the paste of Burflower bark can cure any kind of wound and conjuncvities

  • Boil the bark of the Kadamb tree and drink twice in a day to get rid of fever.

  • The paste is also useful , in case of snake bite to get rid of irritation.

These are few of the benefits that the old school of my village has to share. They also said that these are fresh natural flower and eating them has no side effects, infact these can help in blood purification and and increasing blood level in our body.


I never use any of these , inputs, but have eaten the riped Burflower, and it taste sweet with mild fragrance of the flower. Frankly , I believe our old school were much dependent on nature to get rid of common diseases.

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Can you share a photo of the tree as well ?

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Here it is....clicked from a is full of these flower @bobinson

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@steemflow Hey such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌

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Thanks @drakoscliff sharing knowledge is what the best thing to do ....glad you liked my post

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Wow, what a crazy little plant! i can imagine it with googly eyes!!!

Here is the glimpse of the tree, I missed to include in the post

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beautiful flowers n thnx tell fir sharing it's benefits also... 👍

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You have not seen them? Hope you heard of them....there is some famous poem on these tree

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What a truly AMAZING flower! The symmetry alone is astounding. Soooo much to learn, each and every day, about the natural medicine and natural beauty which surrounds us. Great post!

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Thanks @artmislives the look of the tree is also attractive with those orange-white ball hanging around green leafes. Looks beautiful and attractive

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I am still amazed at the beauty of this flower and now with its properties, is that our ancestors were wise and we owe them a lot!

That's true..there is so much tobtake from our older generation wo still believe in natural way of wellness..

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