The Snail Race 🐌 ⌛⏯️🔚

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As your conscious mind read the title of this post and this first sentence your brain was processing about 50 bits per second of the possible 11 million bits of input it received. This is an astounding compression rate that staggers the mind and lends itself to a forced pause.


10 million bits of data to process came from your eyes as they adjusted to the glare in a dimly lit room. 1 million from your largest organ your skin whilst you scratched your temple without a thought. The whirr of the fan or in my case my lovely wife lightly snoring accounts for 100k bits of data to process.

Which auditory stimuli are distracting you or stealing your attention from my mesmerising musings that you will upvote ? Turn that shit off!!

Yet another 100k from the fart that lingers as who smelt it dealt it. And finally a mere 1000 bits of data from the taste of a curry burp that reminds you to never trust a fart! TMI eh

I'm pointing all this out to demonstrate that I'm gassy, just kidding, but I am. The real point though, is that by getting all worked up and activating your flight or fight response for non life threatening tasks you're not really doing shit from a physiological standpoint.

Now, in certain situations where survival depends on split second decision making it's entirely possibly our brain becomes an efficient machine of self preservation and likely can process more than those 50 bits per second. But, living all stressed up over menial, trivial, and mundane happenings that won't be a defining moment in your existence is silly and personally speaking not how I want to be living my life.

It's really all about perspective and ultimately how you value your time. For instance I could get annoyed that my better half is snoring and making the completion of this ground breaking post difficult. Or I could realise how blessed I am to have someone that loves me and choose to see that each moment together is a blessing. If my time is finite, and it is, I'd rather stay awake listening to her dream away knowing that we create a space to be happy and enjoy our life together than sleeping or worse being frustrated about my inability to make this post at 313am. That's a solid 50 bits!

Look, all I'm saying is the rat race is not getting you anywhere and if you'd just let things flow instead of fighting the current we would all be a bit more contented.

Think about the word current as meaning both the present and an outside force that's carrying you. You're not in an undertow and all you need is some air in your lungs to keep your head above water. Breathe and relax..I guess this got all mindful didn't it, that's cool though. See what happens when you let it go like a fart, I mean frozen..

My intention was to share my image of snails I made with some ddg help and talk about flatulence.. Carry on...

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You can say a huge thanks to your wife for the snoring as if she wasn't snoring you wouldn't have completed your post when you did and I might have missed another one due to the time difference .
I'll raise my night cap to serendipity !

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I really love the mindfulness you bring with this post. The lightness of everyday life and humor makes the message though, for sure. :-)

The wonderful thing about all of this is learning to be able to attend consciously to any of these 'bits' that would normally remain unconscious. Which is, I guess, one of the purposes of meditative practices, to train ourselves to attend to any of the minutiae of sensory information.

Agreed! Tuning the mind and body requires plucking as many strings as one can reach to see where there might be some dissonance that needs tweaking...

I think that's a namaste moment 😂 have a g'day there mate

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