medicinal plant - The Purple Tua Tua

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The Purple Tua Tua

It is a thriving and blessed plant, since it contains a natural antibiotic, you can see in tropical areas, in the peasant astilmiento El Buey I got several of them, it caught my attention since it is a completely medicinal plant, it is easy to grow as a wild grass and has properties that contain many pharmaceutical medicines, this plant is very beneficial to avoid several of the diseases that affect all humans frequently as is the flu, since it contains vitamin C, in this way it fortifies the immune system of our body.


Its medicinal properties are:

  • Sore throat, colds, allergies and flu.
  • From the Root a Diuretic is created.
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Works as a Purgative
  • Clean the Blood.
  • The latex collagen that regenerates the skin is extracted from the Seed.
  • Fights mouth sores and bad breath.


The tua-tua can be used as a home antibiotic for a host of ailments, obtaining the same effectiveness as a pharmacy antibiotic. Among the medicinal properties that this plant has, its leaves are special for tonsil, throat and larynx problems.


It also extends its effects on menstrual cramps, reducing infections that may appear. And in man, it successfully fights recurrent infections in the urinary tract and prostate. It works as a treatment that would prevent venereal diseases, in this way the treatments manufactured generally chemical and extremely expensive would be replaced.


The infusion is an antibiotic, it can assist in specific infections of sores, skin ulcers such as those of diabetic origin, bad breath, mouth infections, herpes anywhere, burns, eye washes and wound healing. It can be used as throat gargles and nasal washes.


Recommendations for preparation and dose of Purple Tua Tua tea

For Sore Throat and bad breath, 3 or 4 leaves of Túa túa are boiled for 10 min. Turn off and let rest after obtaining the infusion, you proceed to gargle 3 times a day for 5 days.


For me it was a great surprise to know about this plant, incredible, another demonstration that nature is perfect.!

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