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RE: LOTUS Challenge: Win 40 Steem PLUS Tokens and A Burning & More!

in #naturalmedicine2 years ago

Hey! Gentleman! Can I use this an entry for the next contest. Believe me, this article is really rare on the internet!

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Sadly, no, it doesn't qualify - partly as it's posted before the contest was announced, and partly as it doesn't show a homemade, DIY product, just some information about it. Nice headings!

😢 No problem! While creating this article, I thought @naturalmedicine will love this! I extracted this plant from cores of Mantra maharnav.

But it seems this information is useless for the community.
Sorry to disappoint the community!
Thanks you!

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No its interesting, of course it is! But it doesnt qualify for contest as it was published before the contest. Sorry I havent had mcuh time to read and comment properly.. so much to do!

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