Natural Medicine Curation Collection #28: Birth In the Wild, Good News, Improving Your Sex Life With Yoga, Amazing Amaryllis and 'Food Is Medicine' Sweet Potatoes


The theme of new life, affirming and nourishing it, blooming and giving birth really come to the fore in this week's @naturalmedicine awesomeness. And what could be healthier or more natural than starting with great sex and moving through to the birthing of natural medicine flowers and yes, real babies?! Enjoy, upvote, comment, support our authors and share with wild abandon, please.


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The idea that the many facets of yoga can enrich not only our own bodies and Being, but the way we interact and connect with our lover is pure medicine itself. @riverflows tackles this so beautifully. Check out her post here. She writes:

To truly let go of all the things that hold us back in the full beauty of our being with someone we love and into being lips, hands, eyes, tongue in a precious moment to moment experience is extraordinary. Imagine if every time a thought came, such as: 'Will he like me naked?' or 'I am too tired for this' you took a breath, and returned to your skin?

Screenshot 65.png


And from lovemaking to the fruits and blooming. From a shared seed to a flower.
In this lovely post @crescendoofpeace celebrates the amazing natural medicine plant, Amaryllis, in a gentle Haiku. Check out her post here. She writes:

Red amaryllis
In full bloom despite the cold
Living ray of hope

Screenshot 67.png


And then from a blooming flower to Birth in the Wild! A man writing about the sacred wonder of natural childbirth is medicine unto and of itself, and @senorcoconut gives us come profound insights. Check out his post here. He writes:

Whatever the reason is for our place in time, our situation, we need to change the fear mindset. We're told birthing in the wild (or at home), outside of the sterilized hospital setting is not safe, not for the mother and not for the babies. Listening to Elena, she explains why the hospital setting isn't needed especially if we know what not to do when it comes to hygiene. And the trauma a child can go through with all these doctors and beeping sounds and wires everywhere is far more dangerous.

Screenshot 63.png


A special Shout Out to @ppmsilver for a great post about sweet potatoes - superb natural medicine food!! Just reading this post makes me need to get into the garden! Check it out here

And please go and check out @myindigoinsight and the Good News blog #4 - sooooo inspiring to start our @naturalmedicine week with good news and celebrating all that is positive, healing and growing. You can find it here

We hope you loved these posts as much as we did!



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Sharing the steady, conscious, uplifting and creative @naturalmedicine writings of others is possibly the BEST WAY EVER to jump back into the SteemSaddle after a broken heart and an astoundingly intense business growth spurt. Resteemed and upvoted 100%. Feeling happy to be in this magical healing space with you all.


Isn't it wonderful to have all those uplifting articles coming in! I thoroughly loved reading them and you did an awesome job on the curation. Thanks for doing that for the Natural Medicine community!

Thanks for the mention. Look forward to adding some supporting photos after the new sweet potato season begins.

Well done @artemislives, another great curation by you! I would have chosen the same ones (apart from mine, of course!) and I just caught the one on sweet potatoes by @ppmsilver. It's been a quiet week on the @naturalmedicine front, but still, there's always a gem or two to be found! Thanks so much for putting this together for us all. xxx

Lovely curation @artemislives! Congratulations on your business success. I am sorry to hear that you are carrying a broken heart, take good care of yourself while it mends.

Thank you for such a beautifully curated post with real useful applicable informative content <3

You share some really great posts! I am about to read a few of them, given the time to, I have them in my tabs if I can't get to them today. Natural medicine and natural life is quite something to behold and love.