Natural Medicine and Ecotrain Unite: 🚂 The Alternative Consumer Challenge! 50 Steem in Prizes! 🌿

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Natural Medicine & Ecotrain are pleased to announce a collaborative WISDOM CHALLENGE which asks our communities – and anyone on Steemit – to consider alternative consumer habits and remedies that don’t cost your health, or the earth.


In this consumer culture where we are bombarded by advertising that screams at us to buy the hair products that guarantee super-model shiny hair, face creams that promise flawless skin, multivitamins that are super-this and super-that and will help us live forever, we are often misguided and misled. Instead, we buy products that we find out too late are unethical in all sorts of ways, are tested on animals, loaded with chemicals, surrounded by layers of packaging, and don’t fulfil any of their promises.

They often don’t just cost us our health and our hip pockets, but cost us the very Earth we live upon.

Yet many resourceful, practical, earth-conscious folk here on Steemit know that there is a better way. We aren’t so easily fooled. Many of us are alternative consumers because we make our own. Some of us make our own cosmetics – hair rinses, shampoos, moisturisers. We have alternatives to washing powders, bench sprays, bug repellents. We investigate alternative first aid creams, concoct salves and make our own mouthwash, toothpastes and even deodorants and make up.

And if we don’t, we’re keen to learn and explore!

Thus, we ask YOU to post your wisdoms on the topic:


What alternative consumer habits do you have, or can you explore, that support your HEALTH and the planet you love?


Due Date

This contest runs for TWO WEEKS – there will be a reminder post next weekend that will support the entries of Week 1, so please don’t wait til the last minute!

Last entry by June 15th, wherever you are in the world!

Prizes & Judges

First Two Places: 15 Steem Each from @ecotrain and @naturalmedicine
Runners Up: 4 Prizes of 5 Steem each (if over 20 Entries) OR 2 Prizes of 5 Steem each (less than 20 entries)

Entries will be judged by @eco-alex, @artemislives, @riverflows and @walkerland - and worthy content may be resteemed and upvoted by @ecotrain, @naturalmedicine and our individual accounts. You'll also be featured in the wrap up post at the end of the week.

Who Are Ecotrain and Natural Medicine?

@ecoTrain is an open, active, global community focused on sustainability and moving towards the healing of Mother Earth, and of course ourselves! We manually curate and up-vote posts using the #ecotrain tag, based on merit. We support posts that fit the general theme of "Things that help make this world a better place". This can mean so many things, and includes topics such as Homesteading, Vegan Cooking, Spirituality, Esoteric Knowledge, Gardening, Eco Building, Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Healthy Living, Parenting, Biodiversity, Waste, Decentralisation, Biodiversity & Nature, Climate Change, Ethics, etc. We also love posts that show what you're doing in your community and people who lead by example. We love posts which challenge traditional ways of thinking, doing and being and which offer solutions, ideas and thoughts that minimize our footprint, educate our children and help us to engage more openly from a freer place of responsibility and contribution. Read more about @ecotrain here and follow the tag #ecotrain and the account to read wonderful content by like minded Steemians.


Like @ecotrain, @naturalmedicine supports healing - we believe that by doing so, we heal the earth as we do so. From topics such as yoga and meditation to keto diets, herbalism, cannabis, chinese medicine and ayurveda, we're celebrating and supporting healing bodies, hearts and minds. This colloboration is BECAUSE unity helps the world be a 'better place' than division - by connecting our two tribes in this challenge, we hope to generate abundance for us all, and at the same time, creating a wisdom base for us all to draw upon. Many of the members in @ecotrain are also members of @naturalmedicine, and vice verse - so this is a chance to write for BOTH groups in one or more amazing posts that 'make the world a better place'.

We need YOU! Please consider delegating to help keep this collective going. The minimum entry for membership is 50SP (free for members under 150SP), and helps give YOU upvotes, contests, meditation sessions, an awesome discord support group, and so much more!


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A stunning collaborative challenge!! Bravo!

Natural Medicine has been wanting to do a collab with Ecotrain for a long time, so glad that the inspiration came for something perfect for our tribes!

@naturalmedicine is a perfect fit with @ecotrain's purpose, and always good to see collboration and synergy.

as the ecoTrain motto goes, Together we can help make our world a better place.. I really mean that stuff!

This is something that is very important, and it’s something I’ve been thinking and doing my best to act upon for quite a few years now.

Awareness as to where and how we spend our money is important on so many levels, and if we really want to make changes in this world, we do so from the hip pocket and lead by example.

Awesome... thanks!!!

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Ooooo love this topic!! I'm in!

Great initiative!
We need to encourage peoples to increase the alternative consumption and take the real power of natural medicine.

@naturalmedicine thanks for sharing it with @theinnerblocks! That's how I found it 😎 #resteemed this useful challenge

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Wow that was quick! Awesome.

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Thank you :D

I am glad
Introducing #naturalmedicine
I really like
I found out
a lot of new
many useful
and this is just the beginning.

That's a great initiative. I am planning to share something great also. :)

This is so very cool.
Love it.

Thank you so much @naturalmedicine and @ecotrain for creating this amazing contest that educates us about the natural remedies and also making our beautiful earth healthy.

thank you for stopping by! will you be joining in?


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Yes! This is so awesome! I love how together all these communities are!

Such an awesome collaboration. I am so looking forward to learning some new skills, everything we use in our daily lives can be substituted and we can always find ways to move away from this consumerist lifestyle xx

Brilliant news and contest - Stronger Together 😊👍🏼

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Brilliant idea. Hope to share some of the ways I avoid using commercial products for all sorts of 'things' ~ Most importantly chocolate. 😇

Wonderful contest, this is a topic near and dear to my heart!! Re-steemed!

THis is such a good question, and great for awareness and learning.. I think i personally have a pretty list, the hard part is going to be choosing one!

cant wait to see what you all do.. im hoping to see at least 3 aloe vera posts ;-)

Trees for life

oh, and … I wasn't so mindful obviously. Sorry. I've got a new job that starts on Friday and I want to get some things done before. This contest was one of those things. I exaggerated a bit concerning the last day's work hours. Even though I resteemed from @naturalmedicine's account and the post obviously repeats it a thousand times, I somehow forgot to mention you in the video. I apologize for my inattention.

Very interesting topic. An alternative at home.. a good way to make use of some home products...however I doubt we could get actual pic...

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Love this collaboration and the challenge - always good to know some alternatives for our consumer habits! I'll bring out some of the different means I have for avoiding being fooled into buying all that stuff that does nothing for you and even has a cost to the earth!

Oooh!! I am excited about this one. Come Monday I will be Steemin' It again, wonderful topic to muse upon. I will make sure to answer this call to action. Hugs

Welcome back @borrowedearth! Look forward to having you around the steem-osphere again!

Wow! This is one of a kind! Very good initiative! Love the contest! Cheers for all of you 💙

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This looks like a great challenge, gonna try to hit this as we have 2 weeks, thanks!

Well that was a hard one to do without going off in too many directions! It was fun and too.

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