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RE: Witch Hazel Extract - Day 233 - Haiku - Great for Skin, Hair, and So Much More! UPDATED - with Instructions

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The older I get, the more I think of my mom as an unknown genius. As soon as I read the word Pond's I could smell it! She used it on her face every night before bed and had beautiful skin. She also used the Preparation H idea beneath her eyes.

And finally, she also refused to use rubbing oil in anything she was whipping up. But she used grain alcohol. I think that might be expensive and hard to come by these days.

Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane tonight :)


I can totally relate.

Not only was my mom an unknown genius, but so were her mother and grandmother, whom I was blessed to know and learn from from childhood.

It makes me wish all the more that I had known my dad's mom and grandmother, both of whom died long before I was born.

His mom was a teacher by profession, so I have little doubt that I would have learned even more from her, though I have no idea if her interests ran to gardening, though I know her niece's did, as I learned a great deal from her as well.

Thanks for your lovely comment. Hopefully we can do these amazing women some justice through our own lives. ;-)