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RE: A natural sleep remedy: get outside!

in #naturalmedicine2 years ago

This was a wonderful write and I am with you 100% on the walking in the sunlight. I walk every day and I can honestly say that I have never had trouble sleeping and I owe most of it to nature and to hear that natural light plays a part in it is so huge surprise!

Well, it was nice to read and I sort of suspected it, but, did not know it for a fact!

Thank you and have a great day!



Thanks @dswigle, and thanks for the tip too!

You are so lucky to have never had trouble sleeping. I usually get a good night's sleep, but every now and then I get insomnia - usually I call it "excitement-induced insomnia", as it tends to happen when I've got a big event ahead the next day!

But I totally agree - there is nothing like getting out in nature to feed the soul :)

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