Gloomy Day Flower Essence - Sunflower


Today I was feeling very gloomy. I definitely matched the weather with my mood. dark clouds. Thunderstorms. Rain. That pretty much describes me....
After several hours of storming around, I decided to try and make a flower essence to raise my spirits. The sunflowers 🌻 were calling me so I followed the steps of cutting the flowers and soaking them in water. I chose this flower intuitively before I looked up the influence of this particular essence. 🌻
"Use Sunflower Flower Essence when your habit is to focus on negative thoughts and gloomy emotions. When you grew up without feeling nurtured or loved. When you compare yourself to other people and think you can’t improve your life."
Wow did that hit the nail on the head! Today I got triggered and hyper focused on negative thoughts. I felt exhausted emotionally and shut down to anything productive outside of caring for my kids and cooking yummy foods. I knew I needed some help shifting my mood, so I decided to try and make my first flower essence.
In the end it was too cloudy to make the essence (it was rainy and sunlight ⛅ is needed),but simply interacting with and learning about the plant brightened my spirits.
Thanks Juliet for introducing me to this aspect of plant healing. This is a skill I intend to cultivate over the next year, making essences as I travel through Mexico, US, and Europe. I am ready to begin my flower essence journey! 🌻

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Hi, how can I work more closely with you? I also run @homestead-guru and we have lots of natural medicine posts!

good suggestion to "Use Sunflower Flower Essence when your habit is to focus on negative thoughts and gloomy emotions"