Great places you can visit in the American state of Utah

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  1. Salt Lake City

Is Salt Lake City the capital city the most diverse in Utah, where you can enjoy a lake property, which is the largest Salt Lake in the western hemisphere, not to mention the scenic splendor which is located at a height of 4330 feet above sea level, perhaps having an interactive museum for children and the largest dinosaur exhibition in the world in the city of Salt Lake makes it an exciting destination for families, as well as couples and friends with a vibrant nightlife and the coolest entertainment opportunities diverse.

  1. National parks

You think Utah is home to a variety of amazing national parks, including garden of the arcs, the park is Bryce, garden Canyon, garden Canyon land, the park is Capitol Reef, the park is Zion, where all Park visitors many ways to enjoy; like riding a bike and camping along with unique, if you have the time and don't overload the visit to five parks, and if you're the opposite type to visit two of the gardens.

  1. The desert of Moab

Located the desert of Moab and eastern part of the state and its gate to adventure in the outdoors, and the presence towers of the fisher - ideal terrain for climbers peaks, especially with the presence of the red rock formations the most wonderful in the south-west, and not only that it extends to cycling and bungee jumping paragliding, not to mention the numerous sports and exciting outdoor.

  1. Park City

Know Park City's world-renowned sports and outdoor historic, located half an hour drive from Salt Lake City, and here you can walk her amidst the finest ambience entertainment is charming, in the introduction to her riding a mountain bike in Mountain Park City, you will discover also a variety of local restaurants and cafes with shops that meet all your requirements.

  1. Lake Powell in Utah

Rental of marine vehicles, set up camps, Mr. in the long tracks, are not the only ways to enjoy Lake Powell picturesque valley along the border between the States of Utah and Arizona, and the lake was man-made in fact because of the floods, Glen Canyon dam, the second largest reservoir of water making it human, making it a more tourist attractions to attract visitors in America.


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