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Best tourist places in Serbia

The city is considered a nation of vibrant, which is the third largest city in Serbia, the stop point central between Belgrade and Skopje in Macedonia, is considered one of the oldest cities in Europe and the Balkans, where its history dates back to the year 279 BC, means that it will be waiting for you in this beautiful destination which is classified within best tourist places in Serbia, a lot of historical monuments, including the remains of a castle dating back to the 18th century, as well as a lot of places of entertainment, which comes in the forefront of spa niska Banja, the Which is located in the south-east of the city which is very popular due to the hot water springs which help to cure rheumatic disorders.

Hotels in Serbia over the Buick out
My devil

Gained the city of the devil this name of shapes rocky alien that enjoy it, which was around a lot of local legends, but it's actually the opposite of what you call it, is a beautiful city located in the south of Serbia, consisting of more than 200 rock formations, the unique set with no reports of landscapes that vary between the cliffs and the beautiful hills.

Park Kopaonik National

Enjoy the park Kopaonik National landscapes, and scenes of charming breathtaking, besides the largest ski resort in Serbia, which continues to receive visitors from November to May, as well as it enjoys the summer in the park popular among tourists, with a wide variety of plants and animals and recreational opportunities diverse outdoor.

It also opens up the mountain of Kopaonik and the truth wealth, the metal doesn't compare, with gold, silver, iron, and zinc, a sign that the park is also home to the formations of the rocks are unique, with hot springs, waterfalls, wonderful.


May be Prizren, the capital of medieval Serbia, but it is today part of Kosovo, and in general the city is a favorite tourist destination for many, thanks to the attraction of competing here, including the castle of Prizren, dating back to the Middle Ages along with opportunities to enjoy with the great Serbian in all parts of the city.


Zlatibor is a popular tourist destination in the mountains of Western Serbia, have a lot of recreational opportunities diverse from skiing in winter to hiking in summer is between the range don't compare scenic with meadows and a large and magnificent historical, and advise you to the experts when you visit Zlatibor discover the quality of traditional dishes, delicious one of the restaurants


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