A trip to the islands of wakatobi .. fantastic tourism in Indonesia

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The first tip is brought to you by the travel experts at tourism in the islands of wakatobi wonderful in Indonesia, to look through the window when approaching the plane from the airport, to watching the amazing island of green surrounded by a shadow blue color, which will remain in your memory forever, waiting for coral reefs, beaches, warm shallow waters, boats that float on water, if you dream to travel to the perfect destination to relax, plan a trip close to wakatobi.

Wakatobi is a group of four Islands; The and Angie Wang (WA), CdA (Ka), Tommy (tu) and binongko (BI), located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is also a National Park cruise includes more than 750 species of fish, the 850 known species of coral, and 50 spot diving is amazing, perhaps these natural features are what make the islands of wakatobi is one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling.

Diving in wakatobi

Confirming Experiences to divers and non-divers, sailors and nature lovers will enjoy a lot in the islands of wakatobi, between sunshine and kindness, a sign of the taste of fresh fish, coconuts and a wonderful ...

With regard to the experiences of the tourist in this island are impressive, so water activities are the most important things in wakatobi, the beginning of the dive among some of the amazing sites in these wonderful islands, just don't forget to bring underwater camera to capture the most beautiful photographs of marine creatures.

Is considered wangen wangen largest island in the wakatobi, where you can find a huge variety of dive companies that organize different excursions to discover the shallow bays with coral gardens and the world of the underwater.

Wangen wangen

Hosts wangen wangen administrative capital, “Wannsee”, where there is an airport with flights to Makassar and other parts of Indonesia. Also includes forget a lot of restaurants, ATMs and hotels that you can't find in the other islands, and all this makes wangen wangen is a good starting point for your holiday.

There are plenty of local hotels, small accommodations all over the Wannsee, where you can stay, perhaps the most beautiful resort in wangen wangen is the resort town of Nettuno diving.

Watch the dolphins in the wakatobi

You can see the dolphins swim right around the park wakatobi marine, especially early in the morning, perhaps the guides and locals know times are perfect to share, please feel free to question if you're interested.

Rowing, sailing

Depending on the island that are not visited, you can enjoy kayaking, sailing, a mark on the swimming and camping in wakatobi, you can choose your favorite activity, the rental of all equipment necessary to do so.

Visit the island of Hugo

The white sandy beach, warm water, palm trees, great things await you in the island of Hugo near the islands of wakatobi, which you can access during the two hours on the boat and Angie and Angie, despite her beauty clearly in no compares, still the island is undeveloped, with a few resorts and diving, so it is an ideal destination for relaxation and recreation with a swim and enjoy the beach, eat lunch at one of the hotels.


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