Haven’t heard anything like that. Sure as hell hope not.

Since I commented above I've been looking around their site/whitepaper. I'm wrong on the influencer thing, that was another project.

Negative reputation score - no commenting/posting/ban.

Tribunal - "elected" group, initially to consist of staff, controls content/users, 1 year positions x 10 (entire duration). Identity of tribunal = clearly not you or me.

Owners (buy niches) --> appoint moderators --> moderators remove comments

Owners = "Founders will be given at least two-week head start in reserving/purchasing the first set of niches" aka all good niches will be owned by staff.

So all of that taken into consideration, what would prevent someone like Kokesh who is excellent at raising funds and public support with his dogshit from buying the "anarchy" niche and then controlling everything in it? Sure you can go try to buy some version of it but we all know that only the main ones will gain traction.

To be honest, it'd be less of a headache to just fork your own chain somewhere.

Well, not really for me. I don’t mind a little leadership, as long as all is voluntary, etc. I actually own the niche “Voluntaryism,” so that is my little investment there.

As I understand it, compared to Steemit, there is more control in the hands of average users. Even if you own a niche, moderators still exist. These moderators can be directly affected by average users.

I think we'll see how it all plays out. It may prove to be a good investment for you, at least in the short term. The one positive I noticed is they allocated a decent amount of money for marketing.

I'm not convinced about it at all personally. I'd rather be called an asshole and spammed to hell on a chain where no one can install a centralized tech ban against an account than be at the whim of some moderator/owner/tribunal.

Trust me, I hear you.

I’m definitely not a cheerleader.

Hev been severely disappointed and disillusioned with almost all “big names” and organizations in crypto over the last months.

No one disappoints like crypto disappoints. pump and dump scammers disappoint. I think the tech itself is pretty neat.

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