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RE: Narrative Beta launches in March. Who’s coming with me?

in #narrative4 years ago (edited)

steemit (just the interface!) might be a junkyard, but there are better interfaces/UIs, like steempeak... It will work very well, as long as the steem blockchain is properly developed.


The steem blockchain can’t even stay online in a stable fashion (see last two 10+ hour outages) and now the witnesses are operating at a loss, while Ned fires 70% of the team.

Smells like some BS to me, man.

You are right there (even though I must have missed the outages), but I'm quite curious how this will play out, now that ned turned nice...
If we are all being ripped off, well then it happened already...
At least there is a moment now that feels like things might get less centralized.

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