Name Me Contest 3

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Hello Steemians,

Name Me Contest 2 is over it is now time for another round. Thank you to those who participated and supported this contest. To those who are new to this contest, it is about suggesting a name for the original character that I designed below. That is how easy it is.
Here is an interesting character that needs a name. What do you think should his name be? Why not join and write your suggestion below?

Name Me Contest is my very first contest with a small monetary reward of one Steem for the chosen name. This contest is intended for the newbies who are looking for ways to engage with the platform, but everyone is encouraged to join. I do accept donations so that this contest could continue on. This edition is still being sponsored by @steembake


  1. This contest is good up until the post pay out. If you fail to catch the feed just search for hashtag #namemecontest.
  2. Suggest a name for the new character and leave it as a comment below.
  3. One entry per participant.
  4. I will select the winner.
  5. The prize is 1 Steem for the chosen name.

Join now and spread the words to your friends and have fun.


Here are the previous characters with their names now identified:



Name suggested by @neove



Name suggested by rareart


I suggest: The EagleLord

@vikonomics thank you for participating

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@quatro thanks for participating


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