#nameinlights @andreeagarden, here is your name in lights!

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As suggested by @williambanks, Here is your name in lights


A mentor of almost 40 on spirituality and life

A must read for anyone searching to do the right thing by them. Say no to bad karma and read her post on Spirituality 101. Also read her Get Back Into Creative Mode blog, it really inspired me! Anyone needing a lift, please know it is a life-changing read. Look to Andreea for guidance, she has seen the light in life. Hope to hear more from you soon @andreeagarden! XOXOXO Cheers from me to you! :D

Here is an [original] ode to you...

Your means of conveyance

Shows pure relevance

In a world so young as ours

We have far to go

And we are moving slow

But you make it worth all the hours


Original drawing from my childhood <3 For the ultimate guide to angels, follow Stacie's Angel Kisses

with love & light from @robyneggs

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Oh, dear Robyn, I am speechless. THANK YOU! ... I don't know what to say ... I am regularly considering quitting writing but your poem saved me. Since I joined steemit I've started concentrating my writing into stories. Because I enjoy good stories. :) Blessings to you and your loved ones <3 and may your spirit's call get stronger, your inspiration fluid and abundant. Be that!


Welcome! <3 Stay posting, keep grossing!! :D ;-) Wishing you all the best no matter what :D

nice recommendation and great love sharing. cool


thank you @ukblogger.... keep up the good work! :D

@robyneggs Wow fell behind on #nameinights voting. Really sorry about that.
I'm super glad to meet @andreeagarden though! Following!