My greatest fear

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My greatest fear in life is not death. It is not having oppositions. It is not the fear of facing challenges. 

My greatest fear in life is looking back and saying;

"I should have"

I should have said Sorry.

I should have said Thank You. 

I should have said No.

I should have said Yes.

I should have said I Love You

I should have tried out That New Idea.

I should have Ignored Those Who Said It Was Impossible

What dread me most in life is looking at the past with regrets. I live in the now with the consciousness of being careful not to live a wasted  life. 

The grave is filled with men who had  ideas that would have touched lives, but they died without attempting to  actualize their imaginations. A lot of people are secret admirers and lovers but are too scared to say I love you. Pride has deprived some of using the phrase, I'm sorry. One day in the future, some of these people will look back and lament when things can no longer be fixed. 

Here is one reason why I am not scared to try out new things, it is better I  tried and failed than look back and blame myself for not trying at all. 

Each trial makes me wiser and better. 

Your greatest fear in life should not be the fear of trying new things,  rather it should be the regrets of not trying when it could have been  successful.

 I hope I made some sense? 

Much love from me to y'all.   

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Honestly my greatest fear is to lose a limb... It's crazy to suddenly have to deal with life not fully-abled ever again.

It's a great fear too. But why are you thinking towards that direction?

Just something that's on my mind sometimes. I am not paranoid or anything. Just scary to think about it.

You always making alot of sense... youcan't run away from fears but the best way to defeat fear is to confront it. Stay awesome!

Thank you my new crush! Lol!

You always welcome...

You made so much sense dear. I detest regrets. I pray I live a fulfilled life that later when I look back, I'll feel satisfied and fulfilled with myself.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog @vintageverve. Regrets are terrible. Every right thinking individual should live his/her live trying to avoid it.

It's always my pleasure!

well said @ogoowinner fear is a spiritual being and every time you want to try out something new you get a small voice saying" noo you cannot do it", "These things are not for you", " you will fail and people will laugh at you "but at the end of the day it 's main motive is to fail you but the bible clearly says that God didnot give us a spirit of fear but of boldness so Man is suppossed to be bold

Thanks for this great insight. I'm glad you visited my blog.

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brilliant article. really impressed me and i am greatly convinced with your views dear. instead of turning your back on problems and running away from fears we should actually face problems and defeat fear.

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Well said, i think am not alone in this. I do have that same fear to, but all the same, thats why we've got to work very hard and smart.

Exactly! Thank you for reading.

It made complete sense to me. Because there’s multitude of things I regret not having done still this day.

There is still time to get other things right. Thanks for visiting my blog @gtrodargent.

You do post great contents, so it’s a pleasure to check your page out.

If you talk to old people, they often only regret one thing: that they have worried too much. In itself this corresponds to what you say. If you worry too much about certain things, you think too much in terms of 'I should have'.

It's great that you already have this kind of wisdom. The hard part is to also translate this into reality.

It is normal to have fears like the fear of death. My fear is actually the pain and suffering that will lead to death. But now I just don't think about things that I cannot control, I just put all my worries to God's mercy and grace for me. @ogoowinner

That's why the experience of the elders should be inculcated in the young. I dread this part of life written here @ogoowinner.
Hope you saw the logo I did for your forum on whatsapp.
Its been a while, sorry for my absence.

Better to do what we have to do when we have to do it. Regret for today and fear of tomorrow are the tragedies of life

It is only the wise one that thinks in this manner I'm really moved with your post. Keep us awake with your motivational posts.