MyTurn on @michellectv's Vodka Buck Cocktail

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Vodka Buck Cocktail - So Refreshing!

Buck Wild-1.jpg

MyTurn - What is it?

Before I get to the cocktail, let me tell you about MyTurn.
Oftentimes, we see a post about a recipe or a project that catches our attention. We think about making it and sometimes even leave a comment that we would try to make it. But then we get busy or maybe we forget about it. However, there are those occasions when we do make it. This is MyTurn. It’s when you get your turn to recreate it; put your own spin on the recipe or the project. It's a great way of acknowledging the original creator's work or a way to show how someone has inspired you.
Let's show our appreciation for original content creators by using the #myturn tag.

Back to the Vodka Buck Cocktail

What is a Vodka Buck? It’s the same as a Buck Wild Cocktail which is also the same as a Moscow Mule, but without the copper mug. That's right! And this I learned from @michellectv who posted this cocktail recipe about a month ago. A huge shout out to her!
I wasn’t really looking for a new cocktail recipe but I got inspired by @michellectv's post. Plus, it came at a right time as I was having friends over the next evening. I told her I’d make it so I did. In fact, I shared with her a photo of the cocktail I made via a comment on her post. I've made it a few more times since then. Thank you @michellectv!
Check out her original post and the recipe here. You’d want to also watch her video and follow her.

The Ingredients

Lime, ice cubes, vodka (not in photo) and ginger beer

Buck Wild-1.jpg

Buck Wild-4.jpg

Buck Wild-6.jpg

Garnish with lime and voila ... you have your *Vodka Buck"!

Buck Wild-8.jpg


I am so going to recreate this. Thanks for the share!

I think this one would be a little too easy to drink! Looks so good!

Looks sooooo good. You're making want to take up drinking again! lol

Looks like the perfect cocktail for the beach here in Mancora Peru!

Great post.....Like Always!

A cocktail can be made by the bartender. But the cocktail also can be made by the chef.

Bundaburg is so big in Australia! as you know i dont drink but like this twist.

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I like anything with limes. It looks so refreshing.

Must be very refreshing!

Mmmm . It is lovely

Looks so refreshing. 😊

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