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Welcome to the weekly post of #mytunes project, what's this all about?, simple:
sharing your own music, the music you're listening or that you love!


~ This is NOT A CONTEST, everyone wins :) ~

Crypto market remains low but not our spirit, proof of that is that many real steemians shared good stuff and their best vibes .
As all is made manually and rewards come after 7days I have to wait till rewards are effective. Therefore it takes time to transfer rewards and finish the post so this will be delaying the coming up of the post. My job also counts on this whole thing :P

You know this is not a contest so with the funds of our donors I decided to make a Raffle of 1Steem amongst all that made a valid entry

There is a remaining fund of 9 Steems, that will provide us with 9 more weeks of gifting some love to one fortunate steemian.For that I've used an online site :

Great loving thanks to our donors: an annonymous one and @dreemsteem, big hugs to them!

Got special thanks to @fraenk who is permanently supporting and spreading the word out there.

Special mention also to #pypt and @sgt-dan who helped gaining audience, much love to you :)

Tones of thanks to those who commented, shared music, participated and supported the idea,those were(in order of appearance ):

@brittandjosie, @fraenk, @marpa, @sgt-dan, @esthersanchez, @geekdancing, @drakernoise, @roguescientist84, @madlenfox, @marblely, @artemisa7, @pundito, @hazel420

The Weekly Music List was made by all who participated and I called it MyTunes Weekly List 4 with finally 16 tracks that is worth to watch and listen to, you can find it here:

Weekly Music List #3

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How to take part? : Coment on this post and share at least one song (or song-list) you’ve being listening to or that you simply love. It can be a Spotify link, a YouTube link, Choon link, DSound link or whatever audio-video stream platform you love. Take into account that the list is published on YouTube ( at the moment, will see in the future )

Some tips:

  1. Every entry gets a 100% vote plus a “follow” and persistent vote (100% vote) on their normal posts for those who make good quality comments and posts. Votes come from @mytunes, @drakernoise and @artemisa7 accounts. Nowadays due to drop in crypto's prices our vote is lower than normal, hope this changes on a near future :)
  2. Liquid reward of the weekly post will be shared and sent to all valid participants. Obviously I won't take nothing of the liquid reward (Nor will my accounts @drakernoise and @artemisa7), I'm more than rewarded with the author reward and your feedback :)
  3. Lets go for an amazing Weekly Music list #5!

    Don't forget of looking around with differnet funny eyes!
    If you want to take more fun, join the #googlyeyes fever, take part!

    👀 GooglyEyes 👀

    Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears, sharing music makes a better world for everyone...

    ~ Made with 💖 for you, hope you enjoy it! ~

    I live normally on the #googlyeyes discord where you problably will find me if needed : Here


I heard this the other day and I loved it:

I really like pink's strong and husky vocal and her music videos.

Cute tune to share with your partner in a special moment 😀
Thanks so much for sharing your likes @marblely... I've added It to our weekly pinky list!
My best wishes for your week, hugs'n ❤️

Thank you @mytunes :) Me and my pop songs hehe. Happy week to you too 💗

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Please don’t misunderstand me I use to make word games depending on the style of the tune... This list is open to all styles and tendencies and that’s what makes it original.

:) thank you! No misunderstanding. Just a little shy with my pop songs selection hehe.

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Now how did I miss this one? Really great. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Have a great week!

Thank you @sgt-dan :) I like the song too! No worries, I submitted the song pretty late. Wishing you a great remainder week!

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that wobbly Clamsy is giving me dubstep vibes... but I'm not in a dubstep mood... here's some DnB by Dub FX instead (before he discovered steroids, not sure if he was still with Flower Fairy there, though)

and since we're on a rooftop already, lets stay with the setting and switch the genre

probably the best Tool cover I've heard, the dog in the background is playing his part especially well!

Hi @fraenk, I don't know what mood you are ( I can guess but i'll keep it for me... ) but this two tunes pulled my mood up though theTool cover wasn't too moody ( the dog is genial!) :P

You opened this week's sounds melon so I've sent those yummy fruits to our newborn weekly baby list that hope will grow during this week shared by the hottes months of the year...

Thanks would be less than I could give you so sends you hugs and my best wishes on your week 💖

Heres Roky Erickson for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately Rocky passed away recently, he played somewhat regularly in Austin until his demise.

...or when tje system steps over you like an Elephant!...damn the fucking system!
Such gem I've confined to our weekly against the system music list 👾
Thanks @roguescientist
Hugs and love ❤️

Its range extends from the top of the bass register to the highest notes of the soprano and whistle register, which in itself is already a rarity. His vocal range covers 6 octaves and 5 semitones. He is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Kazakhstan. His name is Dimash Kudaibergen.

More than 10 years ago, this song was performed by Russian pop singer Vitas, who also received great fame for the performance of musical works in different genres falsetto. It is difficult to say which of these options is more successful, but it is always interesting to compare :))

This guy is impressive, what a voice...he has a talent, no doubt on that. I wonder how he will sound on metal stuff, I say he will rock! . Maybe he has done It yet, have to dig more on his work...
It's an awesome entry @madlenfox and as usual totally unknown to me which means double thanks to you!
I climbed over the octaves of our weekly music list to put him there where prodigies live 😉
My best wishes and hugs for you ❤️

I am pleased that I once again surprised You :)). I'm glad You liked his voice. Good and talented guy, with a great future :)). Other his musical compositions, too, deserve attention, but ...on another occasion.
Hugs and good mood for You,my friend!

Elvis Presley called Roy Orbison the greatest singer in the world yet, Orbison only had a 3-octave range with a very impressive falsetto.

This fellow Dimash Kudaibergen is really super-talented! Thanks for sharing this amazing singer with us. Outstanding.

What can I say - he is really talented! Now he is at the peak of popularity, despite his young age. Let's hope that he can properly dispose of such an amazing voice.
By the way,@sgt-dan , I congratulate You on winning the draw this week :))

Thank you very much!

I wasn’t to let pass the week wothout putting some music on our weekly jukebox so here it goes:

Remember you can spot the list <a href=“https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF0d1oHkq0qxrTzGnvOqlBavA7-uuEEuW”>Here
My best wishes for your weekend ❤️

Hi everyone!
I wish you are doing great!
Congratulations to @sgt-dan!!!

Here is one of my interpretations!
My entry for steemit openmic contest!
I hope you like it!
Its one of my favorite songs and I wanted to play it with the Cuatro, a typical instrument of Venezuelan folklore. Enjoy it!

And this one is a song in Portuguese, interpreted and executed cleanly and beautifully.

thanks for giving us this opportunity

Have a good week!!

Love your cover Esther. This time I was able to see the four strings on the "cuatro" !!
Both songs are sweety but you know I can obly add thouse on YouTube (sgame) so there It goes to our weekly music candies chest 😁
Thanks so much for your contribs and specially for your work.
My best wishes and vibes for you ❤️

It will always be a pleasure for me to share my work with you. Do not worry about the rest! Thanks in the same way! Good vibes for you too !! <3

Thank you! Just saw that I won the raffle! Woop woop! Also a very beautiful song. I enjoyed it immensely.

I found this gem from this past week. I love the message of the song and performers are very talented as well as show a great deal of passion and sincerity in their performance. Submitted by one of our own Steemitizen(s) @danieldedosd2

I'm not commenting about stupid flags...
They've made a nice original job here with only a guitar and their voices. But not only that, they mainly talk on saving those animals in serious danger of extintion and that"s awesome!
Thanks for bringing them to us, love adding steemians to our weekly music list...
Much love and hugs to you @sgt-dan ❤️
Pd: congrats for winning!!!

I love them!! Beautiful people, Beautiful message!

Thank you for the contest and don't worry about the flag. That guy flags all sorts of people. I just ignore him.

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