🎸#mytunes has born: ♯ Music List Googlyeyed || Week Nº 0 ♯

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This is officially the first post on this tag #mytunes which I've found quite nice for the project. What's this all about? , simple:

sharing your own music, the music you're listening or that you love!


~ This is NOT A CONTEST, everyone wins :) ~

This past week I made a list myself and there was only two entries made by @madlenfox and @fraenk (although @fraenk did it on discord).

Tones of thanks to those who commented, suggested improvements and supported the idea, specially @fraenk for his help behind the scenes.

That means that the liquid reward of 0.111 SBD will be shared between both (0.056 SBD) each.
The block info where you can check the reward : https://steemworld.org/block/34054482

Rewards has been sent to both :

Blocks can be checked :

I know is somehow ridiculous the reward but at least is something and all of you had also my votes. Hope it will go better on further weeks, let's see.

The playlist can be listen here:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/drakernoise/playlist/12XFiDD4mIjP6UsdXi5vJy?si=C-jVRDtQTd2-6njc2TJepA

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF0d1oHkq0qwtZl-YrQFlbYx6nOqFPMud

Images source: Spotify

How to take part? : Coment on this post and share at least one song (or song-list) you’ve being listening to or that you simply love. It can be a Spotify link, a YouTube link, Choon link, DSound link or whatever audio-video stream platform you love.

Some tips:

  1. Every entry gets a 100% (0.02$+0.01$) vote plus a “follow” and persistent vote (100% vote 0.02$+0.01$) on their normal posts for those who make good quality comments and posts. Votes come from @drakernoise and @artemisa7 accounts.
  2. Liquid reward of the weekly post will be shared and sent to all valid participants. Obviously I won't take nothing of the liquid reward, I'm more than rewarded with the author reward and your feedback :)

  3. If you want to take more fun, join the #googlyeyes fever, take part!

    👀 GooglyEyes 👀

    This one likes to hang on ropes and trap things, clothes it loves as it loves to jump violently sometimes and get missed over the green grass till you one day maybe will step over and remember that two eyes are better than one!

    ~ Made with 💖 for you, hope you enjoy it! ~

    Discord me : drakernoise#4841


Let me share my owl fashioned song :D

Haha not at all this is out of fashion but the contrary, our world has never been so needy of owl fashioned love.
This a round precious tune to be added to the Weeky list which by other hand has already been done before Writing this words 🦉
It’s so nice that you flew here to leave this song, thank you and hugs!

Okay, got another for yall.

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very cool!!! heh, You made my morning :)

... and It’s also added to the weekly list, thanks so much for your cool contribs @roguescientist84 !

Hehe nice one!

Oh I wanna play! Your list looks interesting @drakernoise. I like Sonic Youth, so I am guessing I like at least some of the other stuff. Gunna listen to the list while I make some stuff in the shop.

Heres my contribution: Whatever happened to your heros?

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Haha nice logic 🤪
It’s so good you came and shared stuff! It’s been added to this week list : https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF0d1oHkq0qwKVDvMT0hEJzQbOcZ1zdvw
You brought me this from the past and it rocks

Oh! Was about to sleep then saw this jewel over the table and couldn't resist to put It on to the weekly list.
Love it, thanks for the gift 😍

Cute little fellow... fellows... well you said "one", must be horrible when one half of yourself goes amiss on the lawn :P

Hope to see some more participation for the next round!

Yeah well, it's a fellow but it sometimes has bipolar outbreaks and it splittes its personality : one remains hanged on the rope the other likes nature and adventure and it goes to the grass on a dangerous expedition...
Tones of thanks for comming :)

I has more.

Hi @esthersanchez,
Welcome to this crazy corner of Steemit and helping to make it a nice place to stay, your entries are very appreciated and of course they have been added to the weekly list : https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF0d1oHkq0qwKVDvMT0hEJzQbOcZ1zdvw

Wishing you a nice week ahead full of good vibes


Thank you. You are so kind and I loved your idea!!

You know what? :)

Do you mean such dancing is sane? 🤣
Anyway It was added to the Weekly list and maybe it'll infect someone with the rithm fever maybe when cooking or Who knows making what 😍

Cooking with that rhythm! Awesome! :D
Better get some food to the plate too, not all of it on the floor or walls.

....to be honest I was not thinking of food at all when I talked about cooking 😁
It comes to my mind a well known film that could illustrate this, it's about a postman calling 😅


What an awesome idea! And I like your googlyeyes too. :)

You did It! So I had to add your track to the weekly list and I love doing that 😁
Thanks so much for comming and your contrib @insaneworks

Yay! Happy Birth Day #mytunes!!! This is so cool! And the googlyeyes pegs are one of a kind! You know what they look like to me? 2 gentlemen pegs, with one hand in front and another behind, ready to bow and serve :)

And here is my current song playing ... don't hate me but I love pop music :D

Hey thanks for your compliments @marblely you're so kind.
I love variety and music is so infinite. I respect all musicians because they on their own particular way are able to talk directly to our hearts using their instruments which is incredible in my opinión.
Your contrib it's greatly appreciated and of course it's been added to the weekly list which little by little is growing with love.

Just came across this...

Ugh during a second I thought It was a Metallica playback but hey no, it's different and such a peculiar band, thaks for bringing them here.
Ofc they've been added to the list 🎎

Yeah, just popped up in my YouTube suggestions. Pleasant surprise. Metallica hahaha, they were a great band in the 80s.

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But wait...it gets even weirder

Actually a long time fan of The Reverend Beat Man. He was in The Monsters, before his bizzaro solo stuff. They were some crazy psycho garage trash music.


I will be using this account to add music from my best friend in my real life but who unfortunately doesn't Steem at all but he has an awesome musical nose.
Today here It goes his entry:

Of course this account won't get any liquidación reward from this post.

This band is very new

Added! 🔥

Wohee... I didn't even notice that I made an entry :P Thanks for sharing the payout!

We need to work on a better thumbnail, though... having the payout screenshot as the 1st image isn't the biggest eye-catcher really...

I need a logo ofc, missed to request it...
Well at least it's clear that I pay, doesn't it. Could pass for now errr....
Thanks always for your feedback and support,not to mention your valuable time.

Thanks my friend! I'm always happy to support Your good idea. Thank you for the award. We need to get more people involved.It's gonna be a lot of fun. I'll show you another video :)

You're more than welcome @madlenfox,
This song will be on the weekly list and I have to thank you for the first entry, you're so cool.
My best wishes for the week to come
Big hugs

thank you , I have many more in stock, heh :) still ahead,
Wish you All a good new week, see you soon...

I’ve created the list for this week and ofc I’ve added your entry 😁

Thank you, Pablo, I subscribed to this channel :)


I was not going to let pass the week without sharing at least one, so here it goes M

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