The Greek Creation Mythology #4

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Metis suggests that Zeus give Cronus a drink with an emetic so that he doesn't taste it, and mix it with a little bit honey.

Excellent idea, but where does Zeus find such a remedy?

With a smile Metis says: "Ask your mother, she knows something like that."

Zeus follows the advice and describes his intentions to his mother. Rhea is enthusiastic about the list. She prepares the emetic and introduces the son to Cronus's court as a servant who brings the gods the drinks.

When Zeus stands in front of his father, he hands him the bowl, Cronus grabs it unsuspectingly, but as soon as he has drunk from it, he vomits the famous wrapped stone and then one by one, all the children Rhea had given birth to.

Furious at having been outwitted and determined to remain on the throne, Cronus does everything he can to force his son to his knees.

He sends all the Titans on him, his brothers and sisters.

Rhea's children gather for their part, spontaneously with Zeus on Olympus, six Olympians against a dozen Titans, the terrible fight can begin.

He goes down in history as Titanomachy and lasts for centuries.

Gaia, the sometimes dark, sometimes luminous, sometimes mute, sometimes eloquent grandmother, suggests to her grandson Zeus to ally himself with forces of the same generation as the Titans, with the Cyclopes.

As prehistoric beings, the Cyclopes still possess all the brutality, the violence, which was attached to the first creations.

Moreover, Gaia adds, Zeus will receive from the Cyclops the most devastating weapon, the lightning and the thunder.

But so far they are still vegetating on the deepest bottom of Tartarus, the most terrible part of hell, where Cronus had thrown them into.

If Zeus would free them from there, he can be sure of their support.

Zeus agrees.

And what was said, that happened and with the help of these one-eyed creatures he soon gets the victory over the Titans, and now peace finally reigns.


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This feeds my desire for archetypal stories. Thanks for making this series.

Hello @oendertuerk, excellent way to approach it is quite enjoyable, thank you, Happy day...

@cloris, that's nice to hear.
I wish you also a Nice Day and a Sunny Weekend!

Sometimes I wonder what events wanted to make sense of this mythology, since it is one of the best, or perhaps the best, thanks @oendertuerk for the contribution...

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