MY STORY CONTEST 3: My hiking adventure - How it brightens my everyday living

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Dear Steemit friends;

I've been practicing healthy lifestyle since the day I began suffering from high blood pressure during my forties. Hiking is one of my physical regimen to maintain my healthy well-being. Together with my friends, we hike several hillside places to improve our physiological vigor. We even plan a trip to other places for a change of environment just to make our hiking adventure more exciting. I could not explain the fun which makes our lives worth and preoccupied, much more when it packed with action thrilled activity, it's an exhilarating experienced.


What makes me hook of this kind of physical activity, aside from a healthy lifestyle, is the peaceful serenity and the vibrant green surrounding of terrain. The fresh air you can breathe from hills and mountain helps me revitalize my animate persona. The virgin forest we passed by totally breezed my whole being of animosity. The huge rice fields we came across zooming like the scenic memoir view of my dreams and the amber waves of grain to behold. You've really appreciate that you live on earth full of wonderful places that God created. This is why I could not resist this form of vigorous level of activity for personal judgement.


The most unforgettable hiking adventure we had was when we visit Ilocos region. From Pagudpud to Windmills farm, we hiked around the place, hilly cemented road but remote areas and total slack space. On the other side is an overlooking sea where you can view the entire Pagudgud town proper. We hiked whole day and stop over alongside the grassy hill to ate our packed lunch. The experience was so inevitable and the cozy afternoon brings us joy to a more fun adventure.
Resting for a while, to catch our breathe from a windy afternoon on a rail pavement road. Only bushes and trees you see around the area. The tweet of birds and howling of flying seabirds you hear beneath the surface of the ocean. How illuminating the place is, and the fantastic nature view that you never see in busy crowded city. This is what I loved most in hiking adventure and the worth is priceless more than anything else.


The laughter and tears that oftentimes we shared with my friends during our hiking experienced is never forgotten as well.


Find time to take a posed at the side of a big century rock with small pink flowers naturally grow on the side. The beauty of nature and eye catching view on the trail making me feel relax and break free from any anxiety.
Several hiking event happened with my friends for the last three months. Too many to cite all the places we’ve gone through, but what’s important and lesson I get from this sort of vigorous activity is the rhythm of my physique improved tremendously. It widen my knowledge of environmental awareness and I'm much more health conscious than before. Not just the happy thoughts that had given me but the self discipline and determination to reach my goals and to continue my purpose/ destiny living on earth.
Now, my skills acquired through experiences has been broaden my understanding in developing my own practical way of trekking. Whenever there is chance to be an adventurer, I always grab the opportunity and joins them.
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I love hiking as well and I also have high blood pressure. We have a lot of things in common lol


Awe, glad to hear you too like hiking @kingmotan. Hope you have a good health as well. Thanks for stopping by:)

Thank you for participating in the contest. Its great to see how you are using these adventure hikes to have a healthy lifestyle. Please stay tuned for the winner announcement !