MyPictureDay - Stormy, wavy, GREAT day!

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Hello Steemians!!

Today I want to share with You my afternoon time on the beach with son and wife. Cloudy but very hot day, some storms were in the forecast - great time to grab the equipment, some food, family and go ny the water to watch the sky and rest a bit.

Photo: Panorama of the sky made from 7 vertical shots, manual work.

Beach is called Storvika nad is situated by the Trondheimsfjorden in Stjørdal, middle Norway. As we approach the place, strong wind starts to blow creating big waves on the water. In less than 15 minutes 90% of people were gone! Fantastic situation for me :). The rest was sitting in the water enjoying big waves...
It took me 1 minute to see that the storm is going other direction... people are strange sometimes...



Watching the clouds forming I spotted three lightnings - a view not common here in middle Norway. This year's summer is extreme hot so different weather phenomena are nothing strange I think...


After the storm goes little further away, I changed my pants ang went to the water. It was amazing! Refreshing, wavy, really warm comparing to other summers. Fantastic relax, I didn't want to go out, but when swiming on the waves I found my photoVision become to shape - making a photos of a waves from close distant. Such amazing photos I have seen before. I knew mine wont be so good, but I had to try it!


I don't have any special waterproof cover on the camera so I had to be careful no to wet the camera with sea water...
The waves werent so big but gave a nice effect in my opinion.
I am really happy to have such shots finally in my collection! Tell me what You think of it!


Later on I shoot some waves on the beach shore... The sky was still cloudy, another storm was forming in a distance...




As a nice addition to the whole gallery I found amazing rock formations which I really love to photograph, these natural abstract art always amaze me!


We ate what we took from home, my son was so happy of this travel, my wife was happy because he was happy...I was happy because of swiming in the waves, shooting good stuff and because all others were happy too! :D

Thanks for watching guys! Until next one!


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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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