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I how I love this... nothing would make me happier to go back to basics, it's something I yearn for. It sounds magical!! I bet they're all very healthy too, not suffering with the illnesses that are found in build up areas. Thank you for sharing... I love the small amount of information you shared on Music Monday so this is just like the cherry on top. As for the photos... maybe you'll have to go back! Sometimes it is good to get wrapped up in the moment and not be behind the camera so much. Next time take your car and have something in place for your fury friend for whom it seems you made a connection with <3


Oh yes. Extra place for my fury friend. Though I wonder, if she would be happier in this concrete jungle than she is in that paradise. And yeah, it would be nice to go back to the basics. The secret is finding the balance of being basic in the society we live in. Cause like @derekkind said, we can't all just go back and live like them. More like learning to value more and be happier in this crazy world we live in. Finding the true balance is what is the most difficult.

I even met a guy there and asked him "what do you work in". You know what he answered? "I don't work. I live". Si basically he just grows the crops he needs to eat. And what is left over he trades. No complication there, just living his life. That sounds so unreal to me ha ha ha.

Yes, that is a good point about your fury friend... however from what I was reading I was wondering if the dog had a bit of a soul connection with you?? Dogs are so smart... and I often wonder if our souls are somehow connected to theirs at times, I kinda got that feeling from reading your story : )

I feel like I'm already doing that... living as basic as one can in the suburbs of a big city... but I feel like now it is closing in on me... I'm desperate to escape, we just need to make it happen. We are already planning for it. We'd very much like a large plot of land, we'd like to be as self sufficient as we can, grow our food, keep cows, pigs and chickens, go off grid... ahhh sigh... yep... that's what we're working to! : )

We live on a 640sqm block now... and it is full of fruit trees in massive pots all ready to move into a big space... we figured if we started now they'd be that much more mature and ready to fruit once we get where we're going : )

I LOVE THAT QUOTE!!! Oh...... that is my new favourite!! "I don't work. I live." Oh yes... I want to live!! Unreal indeed!! <3 Thank you for sharing that with me... that struck a cord! : )

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