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YAY!!!! My first travelfeed resteem and upvote. Thanks guys!

Very well deserved, thank you for using #travelfeed .

Que se haga aquí tu voluntad como en el cielo.-

Que hermoso trabajo has hecho @gabyoraa gracias por dar a conocer las maravillas de este paraíso en la tierra. He decidido seguirte porque eres una inspiración y trabajas muy bonito. Por cierto, excelentes fotografías, lindos encuadres y sublimes tonalidades.

Gracias @albertotang. Hay cosas hermosas de nuestro país que aún no han sido manchadas por nuestra situación actual. Y vale la pena compartirlas con el mundo entero! Saludos

Totalmente, te apoyo. Es la hora de los despiertos para defender este paraíso desde donde sea. Empatia y Fuerzas. Amor a la tierra y a la humanidad. El tiempo pasa y todo cambia, unidos todos, no estamos solos.

Love the shots and story! Well done!

Thanks Kieran! Still learning a bit of landscape photography from you guys. I think I'm improving ha ha. But people are still my thing.

Qué ganas de ir a conocerlo, tengo amigos que han ido y todos opinan lo mismo, es mágico. Muy buenas fotos ¡Saludos!

No dejes de ir. Es en realidad mágico.

Love the shots @gabyoraa. And I am impressed with your post layout. I think this is the first time I see someone doing a 2-column post. It's a very clever way to write a multi-language post.

Hey girl! Good to see you over here. Thanks for that! Thought it looked more organized that way. How's the shoe art going? :)

Slow progress but I will work on it next week. Thanks for asking :)

Thank you for taking us there with you to this oasis in the jungle, a land before time. Oh, how sweetly the "simple" life calls to us!

I think it is screaming at me!! : )

Haha! Well, we each receive the call in our own way, whatever the call may be.

Hahaa, I like that! : )

That first shot is beautiful. Have to get to Venezuela.

What a lovely peaceful village, so different from what I've learnt so far from you regarding Venezuela.

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Oh sure!!! I'll add it. Let me check it

Ok, so I just paste the code on the post?

All done! I see you got the auto comment back!

As usual, another @gabyoraa amazing post!

No solo porque sea nuestro hometown diré que las playas de acá son brutales y ni hablar de las comunidades que hacen vida en ellas.

Te recomiendo no acariciar perritos en las playas de Aragua, es una trampa (it's a twap), siempre corrrán hacia ti y te acompañarán hasta que te vas sin importar cuan largo sea tu viaje, y por supuesto siempre te sentirás culpable de dejarlos jajaja

La próxima vez que vuelvas por acá avisa. Si es posible nos llegamos a pasar el rato en el Caribe y si no, en tu paso por @maracay nos tomamos un buen café o una fría 😁

Ya aprendí mi lección con los perritos. Aún me siento culpable ha ha. Y claro que te aviso! Tengo ganas de regresar pronto.

Que recuerdos tan hermosos al ver esas fotos el cacao las playas el rió todo unido en el mismo lugar

Único cierto? Tengo que volver a ir!

Que lugares tan increíbles tenemos en Venezuela. Excelente post. Saludos.

Great post and very good submission for the contest ;)

Thanks sergio

Okay, had more time to read this properly tonight instead of just gazing at the photos. Thought-provoking article with excellent photos as always, @gabyoraa. You show us not just the what but the why of the place,

Comparing this isolated and "backwards" village to your own modern, civilized, connected and now chaotic city and country puts some things in perspective. I'm glad these people have avoided (presumably intentionally) much of the progress that has been destroying the rest of your nation and eroded the values of so many others around the world. We can't and maybe shouldn't all go back to an uncomplicated life like this but we can at least learn from it. Mostly it's just reassuring to be shown that it still exists, somewhere.

(And it's oddly reassuring to know that there are mosquitoes even in paradise. At least we have that in common.)

Your article leaves me with a question: who was the first person to think "hey, this cacao fruit is pretty tasty, but why don't we leave the fruit out to ferment a few days, roast it, mash it into a powder, heat it up, mix it with sugar, cool it into the shape of a rectangular pancake with grid marks and see how it tastes then?"

Same guy that thought it was a good idea to milk a cow. Wonder what he was thinking. Ha ha ha

Hahahaha! Oh dear.

One of my kids was talking to me about this just a few days ago... while we were out in the wilderness on holidays we found what we now know to be wild native raspberries... when we found them we were intrigued but we didn't dare eat something without an identification to know it was safe. We did however take photos and that's how we later found out.

But that got my son thinking about the first people... all the things they would have done and tired without knowing if it was poisonous or not. I used rhubarb as an example... with some parts of the plant being highly toxic to humans, with other parts not if used and cooked the right way. But who was the guinea pig to find that out? How many trials and errors did it take to know if you boil the stems you can eat it but don't dare eat the leaves?

Also... have you ever watched 'Willie's Chocolate Revolution' documentary? It was a series, a really good series we saw a few years back... it went very much into the history of cocoa and chocolate making.

This is the first episode...

Yes, I've thought the same thing. I have family with chickens, and there's a whole list of things that they can and cannot eat, and I can only wonder how many chickens perished in that pursuit of knowledge? I think humans have been smarter than we give them credit for for a long time, so maybe it didn't take as much trial and death as we imagine, but still, it's easy to take nonpoisonous plants for granted when you can look them up online.

No, I haven't watched that. Looks interesting!

And now I really want chocolate.

How intriguing are these small parts of history that no one really gives a second thought to! : )

It was a great little series... I might end up going back and watching it again now.

Hahahaa... I'm not much of a chocolate girl. I do like a little bit of dark chocolate now and then. But I do enjoy a hot chocolate... one made with cacao powder, not coco! ; )

Oh you haven't tried the dark chocolate with sea salt and pepper from chuao!!!!!

Oh wow that sounds good, I wonder if I can find that around here???

I have had it with sea salt... and it was... yeah... but I don't know about the pepper. I'm not a huge fan of pepper.

Probably most of the profound things that have happened in history were never recorded...

You are probably right!

Qué lindo lugar. Siempre he querido conocer Chuao, y más leyendo esa reseña de tu viaje y trabajo documental, ¡las fotos están geniales!


Gracias! Aún no subo mi trabajo documental. Este solo fueron las fotos de turista! jaja. Gracias

Hola @gabyoraa, hermosa historia con colores de calma, y que se pueden ver en tus tomas. Un gran saludo.

Gracias Jineth. Un abrazo

Thanks for sharing this lovely trip to us, I enjoyed the photos of nature and the simple life that you can have at Chuao, Venezuela :)


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This place does look like a utopia. Beautiful photos and writeup! Even the street dogs are so sweet, haha. Interesting to see the cacao crops are lead by women only. I tried harvesting yuca and making bread out of it in an Ecuadorean jungle, it’s not easy but so much fun! :D What do you mean by "palo e' yuca"?

Palo de yuca is like the cousin of yuca. I had never tasted it before even though I'm from Venezuela. It's like a blend from potato and yuca.

Hermosas Fotografias!!! Realmente un lugar magico y espectacular!! Gracias por compartirlo!! Excelente Post!!

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

Oh wow! Thanks a lot!!!!

I how I love this... nothing would make me happier to go back to basics, it's something I yearn for. It sounds magical!! I bet they're all very healthy too, not suffering with the illnesses that are found in build up areas. Thank you for sharing... I love the small amount of information you shared on Music Monday so this is just like the cherry on top. As for the photos... maybe you'll have to go back! Sometimes it is good to get wrapped up in the moment and not be behind the camera so much. Next time take your car and have something in place for your fury friend for whom it seems you made a connection with <3

Oh yes. Extra place for my fury friend. Though I wonder, if she would be happier in this concrete jungle than she is in that paradise. And yeah, it would be nice to go back to the basics. The secret is finding the balance of being basic in the society we live in. Cause like @derekkind said, we can't all just go back and live like them. More like learning to value more and be happier in this crazy world we live in. Finding the true balance is what is the most difficult.

I even met a guy there and asked him "what do you work in". You know what he answered? "I don't work. I live". Si basically he just grows the crops he needs to eat. And what is left over he trades. No complication there, just living his life. That sounds so unreal to me ha ha ha.

Yes, that is a good point about your fury friend... however from what I was reading I was wondering if the dog had a bit of a soul connection with you?? Dogs are so smart... and I often wonder if our souls are somehow connected to theirs at times, I kinda got that feeling from reading your story : )

I feel like I'm already doing that... living as basic as one can in the suburbs of a big city... but I feel like now it is closing in on me... I'm desperate to escape, we just need to make it happen. We are already planning for it. We'd very much like a large plot of land, we'd like to be as self sufficient as we can, grow our food, keep cows, pigs and chickens, go off grid... ahhh sigh... yep... that's what we're working to! : )

We live on a 640sqm block now... and it is full of fruit trees in massive pots all ready to move into a big space... we figured if we started now they'd be that much more mature and ready to fruit once we get where we're going : )

I LOVE THAT QUOTE!!! Oh...... that is my new favourite!! "I don't work. I live." Oh yes... I want to live!! Unreal indeed!! <3 Thank you for sharing that with me... that struck a cord! : )

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Bueno no es muy agradable vivir y dormir cerca de un rio cuando está lloviendo.

Ciertamente. Pero si algo tiene el pueblo de Chuao es que todos se ayudan. Las veces que el río ha crecido, todos han salido a ayudar a las familias afectadas.


Hola, Gaby. Este post es bellísimo. Me siento afortunada por haber compartido este viaje con una persona tan sensible como tú. Qué maravilla es volver a través de tus ojos. Me emociona ver este registro que con modestia catalogas como "turístico". La tercera fotografía es preciosa, me encanta la luz. También me conmueve lo que compartes sobre la señora Edith. Amé lo que escribiste sobre el río, un jardín de agua :)

¿Pero cuántos de nosotros no desearíamos dormir con el cantar del río?

Espero con ansias tus próximos post de Chuao. Te abrazo.

Bea!!!! Extraño esos días! Estoy loca por regresar. Sin duda uno de los mejores viajes de mi vida. Me alegra verte por aquí. Un abrazo enorme para ti.

Siento lo mismo. Intentaré preservar el bienestar que sentí allí hasta que vuelva, llevo esa paz que se respira en Chuao conmigo <3.

awesome pic. Really nice. thanks for share with us

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