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My name

My birth name is Gideon and the middle name is Chinaza. Gideon means a warrior while Chinaza means God answers prayers. That name Chinaza was given by my parents because the first two children my mum had was through operation(CS session) but she gave birth to me without an operation and the two children after me also came through CS session, making me a special Child
Coming to steemit I choose inspiredgideon1 which is a combination of my first name and what I intend doing on steemit.

Why I Choose @inspiredgideon1

As a young man of 25 who has been through a lot of tough and rough times in life, I came to discover that

Tough times don't kill people but only make them tough in order to help others overcome their tough times as well

I choose that name because i want it to represent what I do on the steemit platform and that is to inspire people to greatness.
Although life at times comes with the limes to make life so bitter but am here to tell people that tough times don't last but tough people last because

Also the "1" that is added in front of inspiredgideon was because of a reason. When i first registered on steemit, the first account name was inspiredgideon but I never got the mail after two weeks which should enable me complete my registration. Then @lordidama1 who invited me to platform asked me to register again with a different email because I ought to have gotten the mail with the link to login. So creating the second account I added "1" to it to make it different from the first one.

If Given The Opportunity To Change It, Will I Change It ?

My answer would be a no because the name is my identity and no one operates with that name and even Google has it register!

I am inviting these friends @shikika, @eunireal1 and @cherylsonty to be part of the contest by visiting My Name is What? A Writing Contest by @steemitachievers

All images are my screenshots with my tecno phone

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Wow, i love the way you picked the name. Since you inspire people, its just right for you yourself to be inspired, smart!!!
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Keep steeming,



Keep inspiring people warrior!


Thank you ma.

Thank you for joining, good luck! your number is 95.


Thank you.