Last time on the ice this spring..continued.. getting in some fishing!

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Since we came and brought the boat out we figured we'd get in a day of fishing!

Dallas caught the first fish, a small pickerel.

Dallas also caught the first jack.


My turn to catch a jack.

HAHA! You flinched!

All proud of myself for scaring her with my jack! 😉


My poor rosey pose! 😂 😂



Jay and I came up to the tent, we had a few things to get done up there.

Got the fire going to make some munchies

Dallas and Sienna continued to fish until the food was done.
Proud mom moment for sure, while I was watching them have fun, laughing and hole jumping for fish

After we ate we all went back down to fish some more.
Dallas fished this nice pickerel out of a crack in the ice!



Dallas and Jay fileting fish before we head home.


Beautiful sunset heading back across the lake.


I think this is the spot where the skeg had bent.


It was a beautiful day out, even the wind gusts were warm!

Check out the first half of the day here:



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Awesome! Thanks for giving my post a chance to be featured in your Weekly Review! :)

Damn that is one hell of a lake to always produce. Don’t you ever get skunked?

Sometimes we get This lake is spring and lake fed, 8km long with three really big bays on it, two other lakes run into it and it also runs off into a few lakes. There are so many lakes around here, a lot of them run in and out of another.

Damn! We have a slough behind our house. But fish and game have put so many restrictions its hard to fish for anything. But at the mouth they keep increasing the limit to the point the salmon don’t make it up stream.
Alaska’s fish and game are a bunch of idiots. They put a pompous ass in charge and knows nothing about fishing or how to make sure there is enough fish.
The dumb ass increased the netter( fishing boats with nets ), and let them come as close as they can to the shore. Literally blocking the mouths of the rivers with the nets, then scooping up the fish..

Well, that's not good!
Dallas and I buy fishing licenses (it has a list of catch limits, size limits, species limits, zones etc), Sienna would just fall under mine until she is 16 and Jay he is 'treaty' he can hunt and fish as he pretty much pleases.

What an amazing day you all had. Just lovely! Thanks for such a great post. So many nice fish!

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