.22 Pellet Comparison - 30 yard Shoot off with Benjamin Marauder PCP

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Time to See which .22 Pellets perform best in my rifle. As many know, some rifles and barrels just like some pellets or bullet weights and shapes better than others.

I recently got a few handfuls of samples from a friend of mine who is also testing in his rifle.
Today, I tested 4 different types that seem to be favorites among other shooters.
Left to Right are:
H&N Terminator (16.36 grain); PolyMag Short (15.89 grain); Gamo Whisper (21.8 grain); and JSB Diablo (18.13 grain).

The Rifle used is a Benjamin Marauder in .22 Caliber PCP rifle, with ATN X-sight II Day/Night scope. Pictures are in my earlier blogs.

Here are the results at 30 Yards with 10 shots in each group. Rifle was filled before each group.

  1. First Place - As shown in my other posts, this rifle definitely likes the JSB Diablo 18.13 grain pellets. (pictured top right).
    This grouped 10 shots into about 1/2 inch center to center, most going into one hole, with the outside edges maybe going to 3/4 with that one pellet at bottom right stretching out what would have been a single hole!

  2. Second Place - The Heavier Gamo Whisper at 21.8 grains came in second (pictured bottom left), with most shots staying close, still within about an inch, but one flyer up high. I will have to get some more of these to try again and see if that was just a single bad pellet in the batch I borrowed, or if it was a legitimate outlier.

  3. Third place goes to the H&N Terminators (16.36 grains). These grouped about 1 1/2 inches, not too bad. These seem to be liked by hunters, and may deserve some additional testing.

  4. Last place was the Polymag Shorts (15.89 grain). The full size Polymags are heavier, but are too long to function in the Benjamin Marauder Magazine. My rifle did not do well with these pellets at all. At least a 3 inch group or bigger, with pellets scattered all over. I've heard really good things about the full size Polymags in other's rifles, and was quite surprised (and disappointed) at this performance.


Check my blog for some earlier posts with 40 and 50 yard groups and sniper scope view videos.
All photos original copyright by author.
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Thanks for including the #myhuntingfishing tag in your post again.

The first three look pretty good for hunting but of course I would go the the JSB as I am sure you will. I have been wanting a good air rifle for some time now. It just hasn't been high enough up the priority list yet I guess.


I'm totally hooked on the PCP rifles now. This is my first one. If I had it to do over, I would probably go with the .25 version. My sights are now set on a .30 caliber version. Airguns of Arizona posted a great video on the new Daystate Wolverine, a .303 caliber with carbon fiber bottle, over 100 ft lbs. of energy. Gorgeous weapon, and a real tack driver, even out to 100 yards.

I just saw that someone converted a .25 Marauder into .30 and had it at one of the recent shows. I would love it if Benjamin released one of those!

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Wow, Thanks!


u welcome!

Polymag Shorts are very clean


First time I've tried the Polymags. I saw some other really good comparisons, but only with the full size. I've never seen anyone else with a comparison or paper results of the Polymag short.
Have they worked well for you? In what type rifle/pistol?

#myhuntingfishing refers to any special case in steemit ?


Hi, thanks for taking the time to look!
From their main page:
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Opps!very nice your post.& thank you.


I've been wanting a .22 pellet rifle for a while now. The .177 caliber just lacks the punch that I want to have. I've been looking at the single shot nitro piston rifles lately, for my use a single shot would be good enough.


If I had it to do over, I would probably go to the .25 caliber instead. I'm actually looking at a .30 or .303 caliber as my next upgrade.
I have a friend of mine that just bought the .22 caliber nitro piston model, and it seems quite capable. I didn't care for the trigger, but it seemed accurate and powerful enough to get the job done, and doesn't have the cost of compressor. Hand pumping the PCP's gets old pretty quick!


I find the idea of a 25 caliber air rifle quite interesting, but I'm not sure where I would get one of those.
I still haven't figured why no one has made an airgun that uses the same cylinders as the paintball guns, or perhaps someone does and I'm not aware of it.


The SCBA paintball cylinders can be used to fill the PCP rifles with the right adapters. Different pressure valves I believe, to support the much higher PCP shooting pressures, but I'm no expert. Try https://www.pyramydair.com/ great selection and service.


Thanks, I'll check out that link!