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RE: A Bass Fisherman In The Making

Hey, man. Always good to see you out there in your natural habitat. :) You look like you were at peace out there. I was thinking based on the title the bass fisherman in the making might be your youngest, but no, it was YOU!

I'm glad you can keep all of the fish separate, because, as I'm sure they say somewhere, they all look the same to me.

Just how many of those did you end up keeping, or did you toss them all back.

I bet you enjoyed putting the rig together, especially after you started to catch bass with it. Amazing how some fish go for some things and others don't. Picky fish.


Yeah! It was great! A very happy couple of days. I released all of the fish in these pics. Yes, I enjoyed setting up the rigs. Very easy. Now I am itching to try the wacky rigs. ;) they seem to be real bass catchers. What I like the most about these rigs is there is no stinky, slimy real worms to deal with!

So, I take it you got away by yourself then? If so, how did you manage that? :) Just what do the wacky rigs do that the others don't? Are they more complicated? Why wacky?

Yes, I snuck out by myself. It was a covert operation, therefore the details are classified. The Wacky Rigs are aptly named as they produce a wacky motion in the worm that drives bass wild!

Covert operation, highly classified. Roger that, @myhuntingfishing. Which is why you put it on the blockchain forever. :) Glad you were able to get away.

Well, then, that would be something to watch. You'd need to have a worm with a camera watching the wacky worm doing its thing. Or something like that. :)

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