Do big baits lose big fish?

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After fishing for over two days now and having over 40 DogFish I decided it was time to step up the game in search for a batter fish. 20180607_085601.jpg


Using the Pulley Pennel Rig with a 8/0 hook followed by a 6/0 hook baited with half of a Mackeral I meant business.

In the early hours of the morning I had a hige whack on yhe rod and the fiah was on! After 20 mins of playing the fiah I had it at the wall of the pier with the drop net ready to try and land it.

Looking down I could see it was a big Bull Huss of about 3.5ft long and it sure was not happy.

As we was dropping the net down the wall and trying to get the Huss into the net my worst nightmare unfolded before me. . The Bull Huss ahook its head with a mighty bid to evade capture and managed to spit the hook before we landed it.
This would have been my personal best Shark to date and they dont come around too often near us..


I suppose next time I will have to either look at a bigger hook or a smaller bait. I am pretty aure that the bait covered the hook point or never got the hook in its mouth due to the way it picked the bait up. I can only speculate what happened but I now I will be out again trying to break that curse.

So after such an eventful night of dispair I set up the float rod to bash some of the small species. . My all time favourite fish made its appearance.. the Cuckoo Wrasse and again the Dog Fish made its appearance.

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Ah the old doggy. Pain in the ass but welcome on a slow day. In Ireland getting a lot of them at the min waiting on the bigger fish coming in. I will upvote your post and follow, maybe you can follow back a fellow fisherman and help support the fellow fishermen steemians. Keep us posted if you get anything bigger. If you like fishing check my little steemit. I have a boat and do lots of fishing of all kinds. Hope to see you over there. Good luck and tight lines


What boat do you have? I am looking at getting a boat soon myself. Seahog Hunter looks good.

Also what part of Ireland are you from?


I'm from Belfast in Northern Ireland. So handy to waters edge. I've got a Shetland 535 that I have restored over the winter and going to be doing a lot of fishing from it this year. Sea and pike. I've owned a few over the years. Thers a few videos of the restoration project Shetland 535 on my page. Thanks for following me back. I didn't notice you already did. Il keep an eye out aswell mate and throw some steem your way.20180224_152858.jpg20180308_170412.jpg20180224_180928.jpg


Yes they are a pain sometimes.. seems to be the main species at most times.


Love the wrasse you had. I already followed you bud!

Will keep an eye out for your content.

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