My two favorite fish to catch and eat

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As an avid angler, and an enjoyer of freshly caught seafood caught by yours truly, I tend to have my personal preference of what kind of fish I love to catch and eat. There is something satisfying about catching a fish and cooking it for dinner, I don't know what it is, maybe it's the fact that I know I caught it and the fish is fresh and delicious.

One of the 2 fish that I love catching and eating is pacific rockfish, and what I love about it is all of the varieties of rockfish taste delicious, they almost have a lobster/crab sort of taste to them and the meat has the perfect texture, and to be honest, you don't need a lot of seasoning for this fish to be very delicious.

My personal rockfish catches




Common types of rockfish caught off the coast of California:

My second favorite fish to catch and eat is the calico bass. These fish are hard fighting and they taste amazing, they are not as tender as rockfish and they don't have a crustacean type taste but the meat has a decent texture and the taste is not fishy at all, it has a sweet, almost nutty seafood taste which tastes amazing if cooked correctly.

My personal calico bass catches



PB Calico Bass.JPG

But anyways, those are my favorite two fish to catch and eat. They are two very beautiful fish of the pacific ocean and I really like them

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I love sea food 🍲 but am abit far from the sea, I miss those lobster and sea snail tastes awesome