Filleting Salmon an easy guide, I hope 😊

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So I had to learn how to do this on my own. Last night when we got back from salmon fishing we started to process them. My hubby started it first, he got in about three fish and cut himself so I had to take over.
So let’s start 😊
We are going to do it in steps with photos.

First you are going to need:
• A good and long fillet knife that bends good
• A big cutting board
• A bin for the fillets
• And a carcass bin

  1. The fishes head should be in your left hand, fish belly towards you. Lift the gill plate.

  2. You are going to use your fillet knife to cut from the top of the fishes back(make sure you hit bone) to its belly.

  3. Cut a straight line at the tail.

  4. Flip and repeat
    That’s just to prep it for the cutting.

Now we cut the fillets.

  1. Flip the fish so the the head is in your left hand and it’s back is towards you.

  2. Slide your knife into the slit at the head. Tilt the head back to open the slit and run the blade down the full length of the body. Make sure you applying pressure the whole time and riding the back bone. It will sound like a zipper. You will end at the cut in the tail.

  3. Flip the Fish, fish head to your right hand. You will start your cut at the tail.

  4. When making the first cut in the slit I noticed if I used my fingers as an anchor and held the slit/tail it was much smoother. Yup dig those glitter nail polished fingers into the fish and hold on. LOL 😂
    The reason we start the second cut at the tail is because it now has a flat spot on the other side so it won’t roll. I did try to do it from the head like the other side and botched it. Starting the second cut from the tail is cleaner and easier. If you do get stuck going up from the tail, cut half way down from the head. I did have to do that a few times. 😕

You end up with very little waste, and what you do have can be tossed to your birds(chickens/turkeys), if you have them.
Well I hope that helped someone, it was hard to take photos while cutting. My phone got slimy.

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Got my mouth watering over here imagining those on a grill


Hahaha 😁
We are smoking some and jarring/canning some. We use it like canned tuna!

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I was pleased to see him in a beautiful plate to eat and enjoy my respects and my vote


Thanks 😊

Fantastic How-To post! I am looking forward to learning from you folks up there. Much love to your family. Your kids are so blessed to be learning some REAL life skills. So glad I found you on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks! 💗
Yeah we try to teach them the things that they will use life long

After years of mutilating poor fish, someone gratefully taught me this exact technique :) Thank you for sharing it here :)

I'm submitting this to c-squared; hopefully they'll stop by and show their appreciation too :)


Awww thanks 💗

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Thanks 😊

Really helpful, my least favorite part of the whole ordeal ;)


Yeah it can be a real pain, glad it was of help 😊

Yeah this is the kind of thing it is better to have a second person taking the pictures LOL Great job though, this is a good easy guide :)


Hahaha yeah, it would have been easier. But I did my best. Thanks 😊

I saw the cover photo and I thought it's a painting!! :-) I don't like people hunting for fun, but I understood, you do it for survive. I saw, we have the same cat! :)


I hate people who hunting for just sport. We hunt/fish for food.