๐Ÿšš STEEMtruck - Massive Update & Business Plan

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Thanks to you STEEMtruck soon will be able to hit the road!

I am very grateful for all the comments, good wishes and feedback you sent me after the publication of this project. The interest exceeded my wildest expectations and that's why the first update took me some time. I had to make a solid research, send many emails with questions about the products and wait for the answers.

I wanted to be sure that I would prepare for you something that would prove that STEEMtruck is not only a dream but also a way to promote STEEM and an idea for a profitable business. That is why I have prepared a business plan in which I confirm my beliefs with numbers. It took me a long time to collect all this information and I hope that it will help you understand how I will invest the money that I will be able to collect on Fundition.io

I would like to mention that the idea presented below is only a basic version of STEEMtruck, which will allow me to start this project and generate money for its expansion.

In the next stage, I want to buy more equipment, expand the menu and change my car to a bigger and more modern one. But that is future, now the most important thing for me is to make sure that STEEMtruck finally goes out on the streets!

About STEEMtruck


FOODspedition, during which I visit Asian countries, is a great opportunity to get to know regional cuisine, ingredients and collect recipes that nobody else has access.

A visit in one of the coffeehouses in Ipoh (Malaysia) inspired me so much that I decided to use and improve their concept in STEEMtruck.

In this place they serve eggs. At first, it seems simple, maybe even too simple. But they do it in a way you won't find anywhere else! Eggs have an unusual consistency, unique taste and are served in a sweet-salty version. Believe me, this is something absolutely amazing! After the visit in this place, I couldn't believe how high the level of preparation of ordinary eggs could be. I know that in Europe no one would serve eggs this way and that the idea is worth a lot of money.

I was lucky to talk to a chef, and when he heard my story, he learned me how to prepare this unique dish. I promised that I won't pass this method to anyone else and that I won't open a similar business in Malaysia. That is why you will be able to see how the eggs are served and try how they taste only during your visit in STEEMtruck. I will just say that I am going to prepare them... on Steam! :)

However, I can tell you that I will add toasts to them. As you may guess, it's not going to be just a "normal" toast. These will be large, grilled sandwiches after which no one will leave the STEEMtruck hungry! Solid slices of fresh bread, pulling cheese, juicy, fragrant cold meats, fresh extras and a lot of love!

One kind of toasts will be totally unique! His inside will hide the secret of this business, which (with eggs) makes taste so insane that it is hard to believe in this when you look at individual ingredients. In the business plan, I call this component a "brand ingredient" and its composition will be kept in secret.

In the other versions of toasts, you will find classic extras, which will be mixed in a magical way! In one of the Italian restaurants in Milan, I have learned the recipe for grilled sandwiches, which makes them crispy on the outside, fluffy in the inside and their unique taste doesn't remind anything you have eaten before! I'll add to them some magic and experience that will make the sandwiches famous very quickly!

Instead of sweetened drinks full of chemicals, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful food with freshly squeezed juice, which will be prepared in front of your eyes! That's not all! You will be able to choose the fruits and vegetables you like! This vitamin bomb will make the whole meal not only tasty but also full of healthy ingredients!

Sets that I will be selling at STEEMtruck are a great option for a quick lunch or a solid dinner after the hard day at work, but their natural time of serving is of course breakfast! Just imagine the day you will start with a pair of delicious, tasty eggs served with a large, crispy toast and a glass of fresh juice! But something is missing here, right? COFFEE!

I know that many people cannot imagine a morning without it and that's why you'll find it's a new version you won't try anywhere else in STEEMtruck! In Malaysia, I learned how to brew and serve coffee that takes it to the next level! It is intensive, sweet and very powerful! It will be served with another brand ingredient, in hot and cold version. I am also working on import white coffee from Ipoh which has been invented here. If I manage to do this, my guests will have the opportunity to try the real treasure of this Malaysian town, which they will not find anywhere else!

Quality is everything!

STEEMtruck will sell dishes based only on local ingredients.

Eggs straight from the farms where the hens have well cared, are happy and can joyfully run around the backyard. I will buy cheeses and cold meats only from local producers, which we have many in Poland, and their products are often culinary works of art. The bread will be baked on special order in a bakery from Warsaw which owner is my friend from school days. All vegetables and fruits will be bought at the "Bronisze" market near Warsaw, which specializes in seasonal, fresh and organic products.

This quality guarantees the unique taste of the dishes, which will certainly be appreciated by my guests. It is true that such ingredients increase the price of preparation of each portion, but at STEEMtruck I am not looking only for profits. Prices will stay at the level that guarantees a lot of traffic in the business! My ideology is simple, I prefer to sell 100 cheaper portions than 60 more expensive.

Thanks to this, more people can get information about STEEM, and I will prove that a kitchen based on good, local ingredients does not have to be very expensive.


I hate plastic plates and the rubbish that comes from it. They are difficult in recycling and very unhealthy for people and nature. That's why all the dishes and cutlery in STEEMtruck will be made of biodegradable products that don't poison the environment.

Spoons and forks made of recycled wood and industrial waste, sugar cane plates and bowls, and even straws will be made of recycled paper! Such materials are, of course, more expensive, but I believe that we have only one environment and it is worth to taking care of it, even if the costs are between 20 and 30% higher than in the case of plastics. I will also encourage other food truck owners in meetings to give up plastic. I hope that my effort will make at least a few of them decide to take care of the environment and change their approach to single-use packaging.


As I mentioned during the presentation of the project, I was running a small advertising agency before I started FOODspedition. That's why creating and managing a website, Facebook profile or Instagram will not be a problem for me. My girlfriend is a graphic designer so we will create a logo, a project of a folder promoting STEEM and any other necessary materials without extra costs.

I know from experience that for such projects, not online advertising is most important. What really matters is face-to-face contact with the customer, the moment of conversation and a few smiles. No marketing campaign will have the same effect as a good meal, some free snack or an interesting story.

I can't write much about my marketing strategy for the reasons you probably know.
In general, it will be based on music, fun, interesting videos, STEEM promotion and opening new accounts on our platform. Members of our community will be able to receive discounts, coupons and other gifts that will be unavailable to others. My strategy is to promote STEEM and make people aware that this is the platform of the future. I think you will be impressed. :)

Currently, the promotion of the project at Steemit and on other websites is suspended until I will get support from the Fundition. A positive opinion from such an institution can open the door to serious investors, and with this help, STEEMtruck can appear on the streets much faster! I love to feed people, I love to talk to them and I want everyone who visits STEEMtruck to leave it fascinated, inspired and... well fed! :)

Of course, besides the ideas, there is also money, which will allow me improves this project in the future. I spent many hours working on a detailed business plan. Each amount is well thought out and finds reflection in the market.

You can choose any point of the business plan, take some time and I ensure that it will find its coverage in market conditions.

The sales target set in the first month, that is 1000 portions (about 33 portions a day), is very humble in relation to other similar businesses that I know, but I wanted to show that even with such a small volume STEEMtruck is a project that will earn money.

The amount I am applying for, which is $10,000, will allow me to start and maintain STEEMtruck for a month. In the middle of this time (selling only 500 portions) I will have funds to cover my regular expenses and purchase products for another month.

Because the first month will be entirely financed with funds raised from investors, all income during the month (minus 19% tax) is pure profit. This is a great advance on the next few months.

Take a look at the numbers.

A detailed balance of expenses.

Monthly expenses.

Food cost for 1000 portions.

The total amount of expenses is exactly $10,000

Menu, profit per portion and expected sales.

Sales targets for the first 3 months.

I hope that after reading the calculations you understand that STEEMtruck is a project that not only has a great chance to attract the attention of "ordinary" people to cryptocurrency and help to promote our platform. This is also a solid buisness that allow earning pretty good money. And this version will be only the beginning!

I will be honest: I hope that after presenting all these assumptions and calculations @fundition will decide to support my project. It will be a huge opportunity for me and a great starting point for talks with serious investors. I have done my best to prove to you that STEEMtruck is a project with potential. The rest is in your hands. If you have any further questions I will be happy to answer for any of them.

Best wishes!
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Let's talk about that SERWETKI in your monthly expenses list :D

But seriously, great post. I can see you know what are you doing and what do you want to achieve - it's very important to that kind of projects.

I very liked your sheets containing costs and revenues, many people getting forget to take into consideration that every business have recurring and non-recurring costs and they can take a lot from the budget. You have to think about everything. And I believe you did!

For now, It's my favorite @fundition project. It will definitely have remarkable impact on the whole Steem network and it's image.

Always sth. Classic! ๐Ÿ˜†

Thank you very much for your support! I hope that this project will make a lot of buzz and soon I will be feeding the hungry Steemians and many others! :)

Tomorrow I will correct this bug, and today I will only write that the SERWETKI means NAPKINS. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You made my day with these SERWETKI :D

There's kielbasa sausage, there can be servetka napkin :P

And "pierogies" ofc! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

I wish you all the best with this fantastic project ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

Maybe I'll be in Poland sometime, then I'll come visit the Truck :-) ๐Ÿ—๐Ÿšš

I hope that this will happen one day and I invite you for something delicious! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Thank you very much for supporting STEEMtruck and the trust in this project! It will be awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nice! would love to see that truck one day somewhere, goolduck

Thank you! I hope that one day you will! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brother's very good post

Just a heads up fellow steemian, that is a comment spam bot account that didn't read your post, it's just posting to earn curation off your post.
I hate these flockin' leaches and so should you.
Happy Sunday, -Bluehorseshoe

Thank you for info! ๐Ÿ‘

Would be great to have the unveiling of the STEEMtruck during the Steem Fest in Krakow as you'll be just a couple of hours drive away from Warsaw. Would this project be up and running before the beginning of November?! We hope so! All the best with getting Fundition's support and the general Steemit community! Daily progression reports via written posts or videos will get you to the finish line.

November is a very close date, so I'll need a miracle to make it happen. Besides now I'm in Malaysia without a return ticket, so I need a miracle from "BIG ONE" category.
But miracles sometimes happen, so who knows. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you for support and I hope to see you somewhere on the trail!

Yea thought it would be a close deadline! Yet, it would have been fitting since the SteemFest this year is in Poland and we could have seen the truck do well in terms of support and business.

It's possible with consistent content daily even posting twice or three times a day with at least one or two big upvotes (if possible). It's a tough task, but nothing in life was meant to be easy otherwise everyone would do it, right? If you truly want to succeed in this, you will put in every ounce of effort: blood, sweat and tears!

See you at the finish line :)

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I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well!

So thank you guys for spending some time on reading this post! Best wishes to both of you! ๐Ÿ‘Š

It's my pleasure,

Awesome update! :) I can't wait to see how things progress. Good luck my friend!

Thank you Chef! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜‰

You are so very welcome! :)

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