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 We are proud to present to you the first use case of the Mycro protocol: Mycro Hunter.

 Mycro Hunter is a mobile application where the focus lies on crypto-related jobs for bounty hunters and growth hackers.Every blockchain project in the crypto space is looking for a wider audience to address. Token sale startups and existing projects like protocols or exchanges are always looking for more awareness, investors, users and/or customers. Bounty and growth hacker campaigns are a unique tool, especially in the crypto space. Within these campaigns, millions of people are ready to promote projects they like, but how are they assured of their well-earned tokens?

The Problem

Currently, there is a major lack of trust in this industry, and that is where Mycro Hunter comes in.Bounty hunters and growth hackers are often scammed by projects and never receive their well-earned coins or tokens.Projects are often scammed by people who are not trustworthy and legit. These scammers are trying to get coins/tokens without working for it.

The Solution

Mycro Hunter. The world´s first trustless bounty and growth-hacking mobile application.100% payment guarantee
Complete bounty or growth hacking budgets are paid into the Mycro escrow smart contract before the campaign starts. This means 100% transparency with a payment guarantee for all participants.True reputations
Bounty Hunters and projects evaluate each other after each campaign and therefore build a reputation based on their performance. Using this rating system, Bounty Hunters and projects protect each other from scammers. Exposed scammers are banned from the Mycro Hunter app forever. In addition, all users have 100% ownership of their reputation, which means it is transferable to other apps that are using the Mycro protocol.

The role of Mycro token (MYO)

• Hunters/Hackers need a certain amount of MYO in their wallet in order to participate in campaigns
• Projects need a certain amount of MYO in their wallet to onboard new Hunters/Hackers to their campaignRewarding
• Hunters/Hackers receive MYO after they have evaluated each other. The reward is distributed out of the reward pool.

Community benefits

For the people who have supported Mycro from the very beginning, we have a special benefit. Everyone who has a minimum of 400 MYO stored in their wallet before the launch of the Mycro Hunter App, receives the “Genesis” position. This position gives you lifetime access to premium services of the App. This means access to the hottest and best projects before everyone else has the chance to participate!

Product roadmap

July 2019
• Design sprint for creating Mycro Hunter prototype
• Set up software architectureAugust 2019
• Mockup and user testing
• Start developmentSeptember-October 2019
• Development of the necessary Mycro protocol parts
• Development of the Mycro Hunter beta application AndroidNovember 2019
• Closed testingDecember 2019
• Release Mycro Hunter beta application Android

Download the One-Pager 


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