Football - Show Us Your California

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HI Friends,

This post is an entry into the weekly Show Us Your California contest hosted by @socalsteemit where we share an aspect of our California.

As a sports fan, I love to attend games. The bigger the game, the more fun, as the energy and excitement from the crowd are half the experience. Certainly, you can see better detail on TV these days!

I went to a UCLA college football game on Friday night!


It was a date night of sorts as we got a kid sitter and met up with my brother in law and his wife for a night out. I enjoyed a couple of overpriced beers, some fries and a good football game with the home team winning!

The night game was fun and I look forward to the next sporting event!

Thanks for coming by and checking out a little piece of my California.



Enjoy the game. I also like football game. But I always watch it on TV. It's a different thing to see together with the audience

Congratulations @brian.rrr, your post won 1st prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!

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