eSteem Surfer 1.0.2 Update Releases

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Good news for all Steemit Friends,Desktop user.Now, eSteem Surfer 1.0.2 is releases.
Application Download link from original website
Direct Application Download link


Screen Shot - 1 (for version 1.0.2)

New Witnesses implemented
New Proxy functions added to witnesses page
New Card View for Feed
New Hiding low reputation comments
New BadActors list adapted for transfers
New Comment dedicated page #43 implemented
Improved Comment sorting
Improved Markdown to html
Improved Reblog button disabled for account's own posts
Improved Voting
Fixed Schedule bug
Fixed Opening draft tag issue
Fixed Transfer memo limit issue
Fixed Showing wrong numbers for diffirent currencies bug
Fixed CSS for Dark Theme
Fixed gitignore
Fixed Voting bug while posting
Fixed Minimum windows size reduced to 1000x600px for smaller screens
Fixed Floating post menu
Fixed Comment list ordering
Original Source

Screen Shot - 2 (for version 1.0.1)

Screen Shot - 3 (for version 1.0.0)

Screen Shot - 4 (for Pre-alpha version 0.0.1)

Screen Shot - 5

Screen Shot - 6 (eSteem Surfer 1.0.2 New Feed View)
ဒါကေတာ့အေကာင့္၀င္၀င္ျခင္းစေတြ႔ရမယ့္ New Feed View ပါ။

Screen Shot - 7 (eSteem Surfer 1.0.2 Toogle Card view)
ဒါကေတာ့ New Feed View ကိုျပထားတဲ့ မွ်ားႏွိပ္လိုက္ရင္ Grid နဲ႔ေပၚလာမယ့္အေနအထားပါ။

What is eSteem?
Basically it's the Steem interface you get used to but with additional handy options. Everything works out faster and easier with eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer applications. You can create your own posts, surf your friends feed or trending/hot/etc pages, upvote what you like, write comments, read replies, do all major Steem functions in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags etc.
Original Soure

Screen Shot - 8 (Is eSteem application free to use?)

Thank to visit.
MSC 210

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