My 2018: A Tour around my town: My Loyalty goes to the city of Ikeja, Lagos.

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pic of care and wall art at gra.jpg

Yep! Lagos is not For Sale! Don't Bribe me please!
For some reason I just Love this thumbnail picture, perhaps because I found it a little different from its surrounding environment (Ikeja G.R.A) or It just looks like a lovely postcard representing Lagos.
For me the tree represents the vibrant life of Lagos,
The red car implies the attention Lagos gets from everyone else,
The calm surroundings as a reminder that Lagos is clean and safe.

For a tour through Lagos, Just Press play button.png

P.S I worked all night to create this video, this is my very first attempt in video editing. Thanks Steemit!

Want some pictures as Postcards?

I got you covered!

Here are awesome pictures I took at a Pedestrian Bridge (at Ojota). This bridge serves as a link into Ikeja from Ojota.

akibu shot ojota bridge.jpeg


my fone shot ojota.jpeg

During a late night spent brainstorming I lost track of time and was so hungry that I had to take an Uber to any place to get food, guess what?! This food court was a 5 minutes walk away from my brainstorming office!! Lols, anyways I discovered this interesting spot that sells food all night long, It was like a party there I swear! It Is Located Just Opposite Ikeja Airport Hotel.

food stall nite.jpeg

Now tell me Who (or rather what city) You're Loyal to?!

A Big thanks to @blocktrades for their SP delegation to @anomadsoul thus making this contest prizes a reality.
Do visit to get Information about this contest.

Video background music "Loyalty" by Kendrick Lamar source and emoji source
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amazing city i think, wish i can visit someday :(

I just posted about my city, please see and hope you enjoy it


Ok cool

Amazing. Freelance photography would be a good field for you. Thanks for sharing


Abi. Thankz

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