My 2018: A Tour around my town: Paco + UN Avenue, Manila

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My2018 by A Not So Popular Kid

Hey there Steemit Universe! In response to @anomadsoul’s challenge of giving a preview of my town, I came up with this video. The instruction is simple – I just need to tour you around, and give you a feel of what is it like to be in my town. If it’s still not that clear, you may read more about the challenge by checking his post here.

I initially planned to upload this on @dtube since I want to support the platform. Unfortunately, it kept on not proceeding, so I decided to have it elsewhere for the meantime. The good side of this is, you can watch the 9-minute clip through the embedded video below. Now, I know it sounds too long, but I tried my best to make it as entertaining as possible. So, please enjoy the show!

Watch it here:

Now, for those who won’t be able to access the video, I’m also sharing with you the gist here.

Why a video?

Well, I really want to share as many things around my town as possible, so I decided that a video would be able to do that. I also want to further enhance my video capturing and editing skills, so I used this as an opportunity as well.

Note: It was too noisy to be heard when I filmed this, so what I did was to record the audio separately as a voice over. Hopefully, that did the trick!

Paco + UN Avenue , Manila

The place where I grew up in is a combination of adjacent “towns” if we may put it that way. The school where I studied kindergarten, grade school and high school is located in Paco. The neighborhood I grew up in as well as the community church I visited is found along the stretch of UN Avenue.


The key destinations

I started from where I am staying – a peaceful town homes within the area.

From there, I decided to drop by the school where I studied nursery and kindergarten. The place looked entirely different from my memory, but it was still pretty nostalgic.

A few walks away from it was the same school where I had my primary and secondary education. Beside it was the school church where we celebrated the masses during special occasions.

St. Peter the Apostle Kindergarten

Then I moved on to my old neighborhood, and just took a glance.

I also dropped by the church where I was baptized.

Sta Maria Goretti Parish Church in Manila

I don’t want to spoil much, since I really want you to check out the video. You’ll also get to see how it feels like being here.

Anyway, due to the long walk I took, I eventually got famished, so I dropped by Jollibee – a well-known Filipino fast food chain, to have a quick fix for my Pinoy spaghetti cravings.

There you go! Those are just parts of the entire video, so I really hope you’ll check the clip. I’ll also be happy to hear from you.

Thank you very much and I hope you were able to enjoy the virtual tour of my town!

PS: What's your favorite among the places I toured you around?

I am a proud member of @trulaloo, a group that produces quality entertainment content for everyone. Individually, I love to tell stories about travel, food, art and etc. You may want to follow me at @anotsopopularkid. Hope to connect with you!

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good job bro, beautiful city and places.

Thanks for dropping by @caracasfrases! I sure hope you enjoyed this short tour I made.

believe me i enjoy !! check my post in this contest

Jollibee is my fave coz I love food (covers face)

Nice post though. I can't view the video due to some issues over here

Wish you success

Thanks for dropping by! Did the video fail to load?

I was supposed to eat chicken but I didn't want to be too full.


I don't have much data balance on my mobile data.

I'll try to view it when I get connected to my school's Wi-Fi

Very awesome information of your town, I enjoyed your video :)
from Aceh,Indonesia

Thank you very much for watching the video and for the resteem. I really appreciate it. :)

Thank you for taking part in this months #culturevulture challenge. Good Luck.

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Well done good work.

Good post my friend @anotsopopularkid