# Post Again, My Happiness With My Beloved Daughter

in #my-daughter3 years ago

Hi all steemit lovers? How are you? It must be fine right? As usual, before I explain the contents of my post, first I want to greet you all. Because I believe, "greeting" is something beautiful. Remember "without community, your life will be alone and silent."


Hmmm this time I will tell you about my excitement with my beloved daughter, for me she is one third of me. I captured this exciting moment on my cellphone, this moment really made me aware of the meaning of happiness with our children. Happiness that we rarely get at another moment, happiness with our beloved daughter is priceless. And below I have provided some photos of my excitement moments with my daughter, including :

  1. Look at my beloved daughter, it seems she is very happy and impressed when taking a photo with me, hahaha. His expression really touched my heart, I really hope that moments like this will always exist and be in every round of life. His innocence seemed so real and it seemed like he also enjoyed it. image His small mouth seemed very large when he opened it, as seen in the photo. This expression really made me want to live forever and can keep him from all the sadness that befell him.

  2. As for this photo, I want to imitate my daughter's style in the previous photo. It turned out that my daughter's facial expression that opened her mouth was more real than my expression. hmmm it turns out something that we imitate will not be perfect as the original. image I was expecting a moment like this, my expression this time was completely less than my daughter's expression. I hope my daughter will be a fair and wise leader and uphold religious values.

  3. For this third photo, the moment of our happiness reaches its peak. Seen if this photo is taken, our expressions are both calm and cool. This expression is real and without scene engineering. image The smile by closing our mouths is the end of a photo session of my moment with my beloved daughter, hopefully we are always in the protection and grace of Allah Almighty, amen ya rabb.

Now that's the moments of my excitement with my beloved daughter. I have provided our photos along with their explanations, so my message to all of you must never waste your children. Enjoy the moments with them and capture them as memories in the later days. I know that "The lives of our children are the struggle of his father and mother's prayer." therefore parents are always there when they need love and support.

Be the parents they can rely on, and be their parents and heroes. Do not underestimate their presence to us, appreciate their presence as something that we will not be able to give value and price. Grace is something we expect in this life and their presence is an invaluable gift.




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