Generic comments that look like some sort of spam posts for @falconcash to farm? @steemflagrewards

Yeah, not today.

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i really appreciate to those people , who just comment for me and guide me toward a right path . thanks one again to all of you friends :)

Begging for people to vote/follow you is a bad way to actually get people to do that. You should focus on writing real comments instead.

i concur. on examination of page, i see 2 resteems, and 78 comments, all saying the same thing, with slight variants. i learned early that quality over quantity.

and naaaaw, what a cute little doggo. a vote for you :D

Ok Thanks valth,
i am new in steemit. so i rember your advice and do with hard work .

That's good. You will go a lot further with hard work.

Thank you Valth

where betania16 ??

I also just learned about this platform, I have already tried it and asked a question in both Spanish and English, I hope I can earn some steem to be able to buy voting power and keep growing in steemit, my question was as follows,

What arias with a voting power of up to 300 dollars?

thanks for building this platform

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