Why is Football the number 1 Sport in the World?

Why is it preferred by a lot of countries.

I think it is a very simple answer for this one.

Football doesn't need loads of equipment, all you need is a ball and to make some goals or posts. This means it is open to the poor communities as well. They are not restricted by having to buy things in order to play. Young children can play barefoot and dream of being a star.

The sport is so commercialized and is on Television in every country. Thee is a  big marketing budget which FIFA handle and it reaches all corners of the globe. When the world cup is played it is the most viewed sport in the world attracting huge audiences.

Football (not American)/Soccer is #1 sport because, football is actually one of the simple games around, even though there are a long list of rules and regulations. The game is available on almost every platform like TV, Internet streams, or even radio. The immense popularity of the game means that a football fan is often a few clicks from catching the game that would be taking place on the other side of the globe. At the same time, they can also drop in to watch a local game between local teams. A fan can take the interest in the sport even further by taking to the game – even in the local streets – with a few friends.

Football happens to be an intense and action packed game. The results are mostly decided within 90 minutes. The excitement value is further increased by the presence of top quality players. Apart from being a great spectacle to watch, football also presents the opportunity to earn money by betting on different markets regarding each game. Betting on football is incredibly popular in several parts of the world that some fans even regard this to be more exciting than the game itself. The popularity of the sport results in the availability of several sites providing tips on betting. 

Football has become part of the culture with fans often seen crying if their team loses an important match. Football evolved as a game for the local community. The game is extremely cost-effective compared to some of the sports, This cost effectiveness is a huge reason for its popularity.

It's the number one sport in the world because you need nearly nothing to start playing it, practicing it, and becoming really good at it. And once you are really good at it, you have a chance to be discovered by a big team, and start earning a lot of money. 

Basicaly, it is an accessible way out of poverty for many people, all over the world. Even the poorest people can start playing it, with an empty sodacan, or even a rock. You don't need no expensive gear, no expensive to keep animals, no access to specific places...

What would you do If you were being bullied At work?

We all hear about bullies at elementary, middle, and high school. What about at the workplace? We are seeing more and more of this bad behavior. How would you handle the situation? What if the person had power?

What are the most amazing contributions of Leonardo Da Vinci to science and inventions?

Leonardo da Vinci known for his popular drawing of the portrait of Mona Lisa is also a major contributor to science but unfortunately most of his works are not known and even celebrated.
I'd like to know his amazing contributions to science and his inventions.

Leonardo Da Vinci made some important contribution in both science and art. As an engineer, Leonardo conceived ideas vastly ahead of his own time, conceptually inventing the parachute, an improved version of the helicopter, an armored fighting vehicle, the use of concentrated solar power, a calculator, a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics and the double hull. In practice, he greatly advanced the state of knowledge in the fields of anatomy, astronomy, civil engineering, optics, and the study of water (hydrodynamics).

Leonardo's most famous drawing, the Vitruvian Man, is a study of the proportions of the human body, linking art and science in a single work that has come to represent Renaissance Humanism.

You can find out more about him by visiting this link:

Drug trafficking

Black money transfer


The bad part of decentralization is:

1. An organ from the government that is getting bigger and bigger until the structure of the government becomes more complex.

2. Conformity and Balance will be increasingly disrupted between the various interests of local governments.

3. Decentralization of territories that will encourage the emergence of a regional understanding.

4. Because it is used a lot to negotiate, the time needed is increasingly.

I assume you're talking exclusively about cryptocurrencies, since you added that tag to your question. 

I would say that one perceived downside of decentralization is a lack of a central organization behind the cryptocurrency. Meaning that it could be more difficult to properly organize marketing & user support for that cryptocurrency. 

There is not one single company people can go to when they are experiencing, that's confusing for people. I can almost guarantee that a lot of novice Bitcoin users must have been in panic mode when they made a mistake with a transaction and there was no official entity to ask support. 

This highly depends on your skill and intention for working and also the happiness/salary you get from working.

If you are quite talented with your job and your intention for working is mostly for the money, career and experience then 5 years would probably a good timeframe for it. 

If you work as a developer specializing in one area, then after 5 years you would have gained enough experience to try and switch out to other fields. A field more advance where a lot of new things to be learned and by extension an increase in salary. The more advance your knowledge and expertise is, the more you will be paid. And 5 years is a good amount of time to accumulate that knowledge and experience before switching to other field or company.

However if you are lazy and want consistency, then being loyal to the company pays very well. One could get promoted to a managerial position in which he/she literally have people to do most of his job. Managing is hard, but you get to boss people which is very enticing to lazy people.

It is also worth to note that if you are no longer happy with your work and the environment of your workplace, if you can find another work then do so. However if you have a family that needs to be fed and your salary is more than okay, then just do it for your family. Around 85% of people hate their jobs and would quit it immediately if it wasn't for their family. :)

Fixed work and for life. If possible with 14 annual payments and holidays in August. This has been the holy grail for years in our society. To achieve this, starting as an apprentice in a company and moving up to the top three decades later was the usual modus operandi. To change to the competition or to look for another job supposed a risky movement from the professional and personal point of view.

A combination of the economic conjuncture and the education that younger workers have received has given rise to a new mentality. Now it is difficult to find a company and workers willing to form a well-matched marriage until the end of their (work) days.

The profile of a mobile, restless professional is gaining space, but at the same time he is capable of taking on challenges in a short time and efficiently. A survey published by the English newspaper The Guardian indicates that 90% of the youth of Generation Y or millennials (born between 1982 and 2004) would not stay more than five years in the same job. One third of the respondents do not intend to keep it for two years.

But does this continuous change of work bring benefits? In the opinion of Nacho Somalo, dean of the Impact Business School of the European University of Madrid, it is highly positive. "Enriches the professional much to carry out tasks of responsibility in different areas," he explains. But it qualifies: "Ojo, changing jobs is not the same as changing companies, you can change jobs within the same company or, on the contrary, change your company and not work". And both modifications are interesting.

Even for businesses, this tendency to mobility may be a requirement. "Today everything varies at a speed of vertigo and companies need new air, so the tendency to perpetuate in a position is negative, even for them," says the economist. The expert assures that it can be advantageous even at the economic level, because the expenses in training are compensated with the greater business performance that is obtained by having in staff a professional inaccessible to boredom.

And you will ask yourself: how often should you change your job? Unfortunately, there is no conclusive answer, since it will depend on the needs and expectations of the individual. Professor Somalo talks about 'exhausting a cycle': "The time to define labor changes depends a lot on the type of work and person, so it is good to talk about cycles and these are not all the same". When a worker perceives that he can not contribute more to the company or that this is the one that no longer enriches him, it is that the time has come. But if you want the opinion of the expert, "the best thing would be between 2 and 5 years to opt for the move [if you have options for it, of course]".

People who opt for this busy work life are known, in the Anglo-Saxon world, as job hoppers (skip jobs). It moves them to acquire new experiences, learn and obtain better salary conditions. For Roberto Esparza, specialist in Attraction and Talent Assignment, this profile becomes a problem if the jumper moves from offer to offer without clear objectives or obtaining benefits. "This supposes a negative rotation for the person and can become a problem in a job interview," he explains.

If you are thinking of changing jobs, Somalo advises not to get carried away by anxiety and honestly analyze the range of options available. Before a job interview, says that it is better to show to the recruiter with transparency, and if it is a job hopper, defend it and show why that data plays in your favor. "It is more important to understand why work has been changed than how often it should be done," the expert concludes.

If you want to have an extensive and colorful and splendid curriculum in experiences, according to the specialists, you should not doubt it, because the thoughtful transformation always adds up. There is no formula, no fixed calendar. That decision, however difficult it may be, you will only know ... and your pillow.

I think that's a complete disgrace to the natural laws that have been here for way longer than our bodies exist

You see, GAIA (mother nature) gives you everything you need for a happy & fulfilled, healthy life, on the contrary - all it asks from ourselves is to protect her

Yet we fail at that every single day. What majority of people don't understand, GAIA is not just trees, plants, air, etc. GAIA is every single animal there is. Every single living being, including you & me

therefore, every living being in GAIA plays a certain role & contributes to the perfect ecosystem of nature, the system was even way more advanced but since humans are actively engaged in destroying it, it now looks a bit different

The point is, every living being inside of GAIA contributes his role to make this perfect orchestra of the universe, even the ants & mosquitoes, even the beings you can't see without a microscope - all of them are of equal importance to GAIA

Meanwhile, humans propagate themselves as the most advanced civilization there is & was, but that's a huge lie when you look precisely - there was much more civilizations that were way more connected to nature & therefore understood the laws of life better

We are lost & slowly but safely are losing our true nature. By testing artificial "beauty products" that shouldn't exist at first place, on inhabitants of GAIA that have their particular assignments here, we are not only insulting GAIA that is our mother but at the same time we are putting ourselves above the animals that in reality worth exactly the same like us

Don't believe me? Go close your eyes, mouth & put 2 fingers on your nose. After 2 or so minutes, everything you regarded "as you" will disappear and you'll realize you are no different than any other inhabitant of GAIA

And the CREATOR, who am I not gonna classify as "God" or anything similar (West terminology), put equal amount of thoughts in ant as he did in you & me. Don't believe me, go out and observe ants, you shall realize the longer you observe

I feel strongly against the use of animals in beauty products as They must suffer immensely.

I make my family look for the BWC badge which stands for Beauty Without Cruelty. This organisation make everyone aware of what is actually happening in the industry and supports members and manufacturers who don't use animals in testing.

There are a few countries now that are joining the campaign which is good namely Brazil,Israel,South Africa,India and the European Union. The more the better and I am hoping it will eventually happen worldwide.

Animals are routinely tested and are injected ,gassed, forced fed and killed. They suffer so that we can look and feel beautiful.

I can remember a few years ago a  manufacturer testing shampoos on rabbits to see what it would to if it went into your eyes. The rabbits that suffered had huge infections in their eyes and some went blind all in the name of science and testing shampoos. 

I love animals and can't think of doing anything cruel so I would benefit. I know this practice has gone on for years but surely they know enough now to stop.


Menstruation is a natural thing for every woman when they are fertile. maybe that's an unpleasant thing for the most fertile woman

What is the single greatest factor that leads you to follow someone on Steemit?

Is it their content? Their comments? Something else?

For me its the content, plain and simple. This can include an original post or a comment they made.

It needs to be insightful, relevant, thought provoking. It doesn't necessarily need to be my way of thinking, in fact giving me pause and making me consider different viewpoints is something I really look for in people I follow. I already know what and how I think, why follow someone saying the same things I do? 

I like to learn things so I tend to follow people who post new and interesting things, not just cat memes or pic of flower with no description, I can google those if I want.

People who make me think, engage me in philosophical discussion or debate. The ones that can help expand my horizons so to speak.

These are the individuals I tend to follow the most

Nice insight! Thank you!

Has to be the content that they are writing and posting. I will follow them if i enjoyed it and would like to read more of their work.

Sometimes it could be someone following you and commenting and voting on you regularly. It is more out of good manners sometimes to show a thank you for their support. It all depends really and it is about engaging and getting on with everyone.

I have never chased a whale as I reckon you would be wasting your time but if they were a good entertaining writer then I would probably follow them. Account size should have nothing to do with it is what I am really trying to say.

Thanks for the honest answer! I appreciate it.

The quality of their content.

And how do I define the quality of their content? It depends... it can be how friendly they are, how beautiful their pictures are, how interesting the content is that they write, or how good the content is that they resteem.

Fair enough! Thanks for the reply!

It depends. If their content is the cream de la creme for that user then definitely I will follow him/her because of the posts, but if his posts are not that interesting for me, and I have such people following, but I am enjoying communicating with then I will follow the person just for communication. Sometimes it happens that I am writing articles that trigger the person and we start the interaction, but generally I find both posts and comments as important factors to follow someone. At the beginning I was following lots of users who have big amounts of SP in hope of some upvotes from them, but after a while I quit that strategy and I only kept in my list persons that I like to read and interact with. I don't like people who resteem a lot by the way. 

Good to know! Thanks for the input!

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The thing that is prioritized when following someone is that if they are interesting and they are posting contents from which I get to learn something and it should be a little interesting as well.

Each user has their own criteria and after following few of them it really attracts to go through the posts of the selected ones.

The way of presenting a content, really maters. 

The users who engages with the people who comments in their posts is another attraction that leads to a nice communication to build up.

I'm pretty sure I spend about 8 hours daily staring at one screen or the other and believe me when I say it's done a lot of harm.

I'm basically the only one in my entire family who doesn't have any problems with my sight but lately I've noticed that it's been deteriorating. On some days I'm at 100% and I feel like my eye sight is on superman's level, on other days it gets so bad that I can barely see what I'm typing on my phone and laptop.

Next up is my new found buddy, back aches, well sitting down all day and pushing buttons on a computer will most definitely take its toll on you and if you come from a family like mine where you start seeing signs of arthritis before you even get anywhere near 40 then you'll know that it's not a one time thing. My backs been hurting for days and until I lie down flat on my belly, the pain doesn't stop.

So I'll end things here, my backs hurting again, let me go and lie down.

10-12 hours a day

When I was working and much younger, 18-20 hours a day

That's not a joke or exaggeration either,

I would work in front of one for 8 to 10 hours a day, go home do a couple more hours work, get online and game. I actually met my wife through an online game 20 years ago, so you can imagine the time I put in on that game (we lived in different countries at the time).

Out of all the health issues I currently have decades later (I've been using computers for over 40 years on a daily basis) I can honestly say not one of them has come from extended PC use.

wow. 20 hours a day. that's something. thanks for the reply.

Yeah I was a heavy gamer back in the day.
Plus I was young, had lots of energy, didn't need that much sleep and enjoyed online gaming immensely

At the present condition as I am giving much more time in here (Steem Blockchain ) So I am spending quite a lot of time in front of the PC. 

Few problems that I have been noticing is that I am having problems in Sleeping due to the routine messed up But as it seems it is not because of the usage of the PC. 

And currently I am spending around 12 hours everyday in here and sometimes more even. 

I have not faced any issues till now over being in front of the PC yet.

Well no matter the decision you need to make you'll definitely have to consider the cost of housing and property like in places like the United States I thinking renting will be more convinent because it's mostly a developed country and buying of landed property may be very expensive, and may also be very impossible if the country is practising a communist or socialist system of government.

However in a capitalist democratic country such as Nigeria which happens to be a developing country it'll be more advisable to buy a landed property and build your own home.

For example the cost of renting in 5 years in an urban area in Nigeria Is around 800,000 Naira (Nigerian currency) for a year, and if you multiply that by five years, that will be 4, 000,000 (4 million naira Nigerian currency) which will be enough to buy like 10 acres of a landed property in an Urban area or let's say A dream duplex with nice garden, space and parking lot in a semi rural area in Nigeria with constant electricity as well.

Like I said it depends on the country you are, check the system of government your country is practising, check the Cost of landed property and compare it to renting in the long term then you will know which is definitely the best decision. In some countries renting is better and affordable, in some buying will be better in the long run and save money. Make your research and make your choice.

Buying a home is one of the dreams that the community wants to realize. Home ownership is considered as one of the best investments and an important milestone towards a better life. Which is more appropriate for us, is it owning a house or is it better to rent / contract first?

Buying a house is often done by many people with two methods, namely in direct cash or through installments. If you have enough capital, then many people suggest to buy directly in cash. What if our capital is mediocre? Some recommend buying credit / installments instead of rent / contract.

Buying a home is still an important financial goal, and this can be a great way to build wealth over time. But this does not mean that it is always the best investment choice. You need to consider the goals for your long-term and current financial situation.

Taking into account the following things will help you decide whether this is the right time to buy a house or better to rent / contract it first.

Are You Ready to Settle?

Many people decide to buy a house because they are tired of "throwing money" just to pay rent. However, when viewed from another perspective, renting / contracting provides flexibility and freedom compared to you must be 'imprisoned' if you buy a house in installments for a period of 10-15 years.

On the one hand, the rental price / contract costs may increase, but on the other hand for those who choose to own a house, there is a possibility of a property tax increase and home maintenance costs.

Then, what is the best decision? It depends on you. If you don't plan to stay in the same home and neighborhood / area for at least three years or more, it is usually more reasonable to rent.

It takes a long time for the value of a home property to be able to cover transaction costs associated with buying and selling home property.

Are You Skilled in Caring for Home?

If you have a home, you have the freedom to conceptualize it yourself. You can install hardwood floors and build a deck in the backyard. It is true, we can hire someone to do many things to remodel your home, but that requires quite a lot of money.

Depending on the age and condition of your home, handling care and repairs can be time consuming, stressful and expensive.

Meanwhile, if we rent a house, it can be handled by the homeowner.

Consider Property Taxes and Other Fees

It is true that owning a house can give you additional tax deductions that are not available to tenants, but not always.

You usually have the option to reduce mortgage interest along with property taxes that must be paid, but you must specify this deduction to get the tax benefits.

Also, keep in mind that certain costs associated with home ownership cannot be deducted such as repair costs, homeowner insurance and homeowner association fees.

I think if you have a corpus collected than it is always good to buy your first home. Buying your first home is like everyone's dream. People, tend to dream about their home and have a lot of things to do and flaunt about when they buy their first home. Believe me its kinda different feeling when you have your own home may it be big or small but at the end of the day its your own home and you can do whatever you want with it. Like you can decorate it or have interiors as per your choice but whereas in a rented home or an apartment you will not want to shed out those extra dollars or money in renovating the house as per your taste. Also, having your own first home is like a big achievement in life at-least it was for me. I, was very happy to buy my first home and it felt like a great achievement. Here, I would also like to list down some quick benefits of buying you first home.

Benefits of buying your first Home:-

1. Take advantage of the tax rebate given by income tax department of the country

2. Home loans at subsidized interest rates, so you do not feel the pinch while paying your EMIs

3. You have something to flaunt about and a very good feeling that you are the owner of a property

4. Land is limited so there are chances you could make good amount of money from your home if the prices in future shoots up.

5. I, could just go on and on but so as to conclude Your First Home attaches a lot of memories to it that you will cherish all your life. So, in-order to  gain all the advantages listed above and have the memorable feeling, I would recommend for buying your First Home wrt. to renting out again and again. Go for it and buy your first Home.

You should buy (choose) a pen which perfectly fits your hands and before buying it you should try writing with it, to get a feeling for the pen.

 Keep the pen loose. Do not cling your fingers too tightly around it. You do not have to strangle it!

And most important: Take breaks!  And if you do not write...put the pen down :)

I hope this will help! :)


It's better, period. However, there are explanations behind why it's better if it stays quiet, lemme explain:

I'm sure you know of gold, the store of value?, well, gold is nice, dandy and everything but it's certainly worth several times more than some years ago, why? INFLATION, that and market movements. As the markets and the commodities become more volatile people SUFFER, and I mean it, losing 10, 20 or 30% overnight is enough to cause serious health problems. So when things start getting hectic, like in 2008, or with the QE we had a few years back people need the SAFETY.

So, what happens when there is fear and crisis worldwide? People buy the safest things out there, which are: Gold, Swiss Francs, Japanese yen and real estate at times.

However, Gold can still be mined, Francs and yens can be printed and real estate can be built... Bitcoin is FINITE and extremely secure. By keeping the value stable instead of volatile it will slowly move up due to demand as a SAFE asset.

So, it's actually better for bitcoin prices to be stable and move less than 1% per day, allowing for flow of money and stability. As years pass, if cryptos are still used (which is becoming increasingly likely) then Bitcoin will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, as people just keep buying it for safety and stability.

Most of the most valued and better stocks out there move less than 1% per day, often gaining just 10 or 12% in a year... but it adds up. Look at bitcoin, 6500$, next year it would be 7100$, the next 7800$, the next 8550$, the next 9350$, the next 10400$ and so forth... in twenty years we would be over 20k and that's assuming lack of interest and low growth perspective.

On the opposite side of the coin, bigger volatility means lack of stability which means lack of safety which means it will lose all value on the first world crisis we hit, which should come soon enough, we're already near the date predicted by many analysts, BTW.

There is a simple proof of what I explained in the market... when there is indecision or news of a hack, all alts lose 50 or 60% of their value while BTC loses only 5 or 4%, and that's why BTC dominance is over 50% ATM, everyone knows that a random coin can suddenly die, but BTC can fall at most 10% during critical times which means people sell their alts for BTC, for safety.

If you remove that stability then people would move the alts to USDT, effectively killing the whole market and the value of Bitcoin in general.

Long explanation, but I hope it helps.

Thanks... it’s a really great and clear explanations.

Great question!!! In my opinion I think it depends on just exactly what you do with the blockchain as a whole. If you're a trader then you'll definitely prefer it if the price of BTC is dancing around, but if you're a blogger on steemit and you don't appreciate fluctuations in the value of your upvotes and payouts then you're probably going to prefer it if the price of bitcoin remains stagnant.

Besides there's nothing exciting about seeing BTC hit the 5k region, I literally lost my appetite for days until it came back up to the 6k region.

I really prefer it to go down below 1k for at least one last time and then survive and go to wherever it wants to  😎 , the reason being, if it dies, then all alts will go down, and then many people will be able to buy lot of steem. So that will bring equilibrium to this platform, and then steem will have a balanced price feed. 

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I think they are looking for various topics. Something that is interesting and well written.

I look for real life true stories which I can relate to and get to know the author. A bit of humor helps as it makes it more real.

I am not into something that has been copied from another website because I could read that myself.

Good to know! I am a pretty funny guy, just saying... Just kidding, thanks for the great answer!

Actually stats may not matter when it comes to steemit, I think travel, cryto and food are contents that people love, because before you do or produce these contents you'll have to had put in a whole lot of work in other for these kind of content to be worthwhile.

However from my time on steemit, I've found out that TUTORIALS are the kind of contents that people are more interested in. When I talk of tutorials I mean HOWTO that is tutorials on on kinds of topic that actually shows people how some particular things are done for example @gringalicious does tutorials on how to make different kinds of food @edgsart makes tutorial showing people how to draw various kinds of animal.

To show you that this content is actually sought after @curie takes time to UPVOTE tutorials that are very educative as well.

So I think tutorials top the list of the contents that majority of people wants to see because of it's timeliness and value, in my opinion

Good to know, Thank you!

Well it basically depends on the user who is searching.

* Few people wants to learn tips on how to improve in here, 

* Some are looking for photography related posts, 

* The supportive contents that are helping users to grow a little in here.

* Informative posts the gives out information on the desired subjects.

And there are other Dapps  that users are reaching out to :

while some wants tech related stuff for them to go on and as many dapps are introduced as time is passing by people are just choosing their own criteria from all those.

Like those who liked blogs they are going through Steemit,

While those who likes Videos and wants to make one they are just getting into Dtube and making their way through it.

While as Steemhunt is there users are rushing through the product that they are good for searching 

As time is passing By MUSING is getting to its glory as well and the users getting the the answers that they are seeking for and the users who have those answers are sharing them as well. Which is a great interaction as well.

So basically this is all.

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I think it's definitely worth it to have your own printer.

The cost of getting a personal printer is actually cheaper than most people think and having one in your house would definitely make work so much easier for you. There are printers that go for as low as 30 dollars these days and aside from purchasing ink and paper, you probably won't spend a dime on anything else.

How bout we take a look at things with both a short term mindset and a long term mindset.


You'll probably spend less money if you go to a cyber café where you can simply pay next to nothing to print out or scan any document. If you're the type of person that doesn't print/scan/photocopy things often then you probably don't need to get your own personal printer because you'd rarely use it. If you're the type of person that actually does alot with a printer then going to a cyber cafe will definitely be cheaper initially because you won't be thinking of how to change ink or buy new paper.


The thing with having your own personal printer is that first off, it's more convenient, secondly on the long run it's cheaper. If you spend on average about a dollar each time you go to a cyber cafe to print/photocopy/scan documents then you're going to equal the capital cost of getting a personal printer I'm no time. The amount of money that you'll pay for using a printer at a cyber cafe may be small, but over time it adds up. You also have to take into consideration the money you may spend on transportation to wherever the cyber cafe is, as opposed to just having one in your home.

Your best bet would be to get yourself a private printer. It's a much better investment than continuously going to a cyber cafe.

I hope this helps.

You couldn't combine this with your other question here:

Was this really worth a separate question minutes later?

Well I'll be lazy too I guess


 Any question that involves cost needs to consider TCO - Total Cost of Ownership.

This  means you do not look at just the price of something, but all the costs  needed to run it and use it over long periods of time.

First for the copy shop

What  do they charge per page? What do they charge for colour pages? Do you  print in colour? How far is the copy shop from you? How often do you  need to go? Are they open 24/7? Can you get there anytime you need to?  How much does it cost you to go? (gas, bus pass, subway, taxi, etc). How  much time do you need to go there and back home? How convenient is it?

All of the above questions have a value assigned to them. Especially the time and convenience type questions.

Now  for an in-home printer you would calculate things like initial cost of  the printer (this will vary on your requirements, do you need colour? do  you need scan/fax capability?, etc), how much does replacement  ink/toner cost? How fast will you need to replace ink/toner? What is the  cost of paper? How fast will you need to buy more? Even something as  small as what is your electrical cost to run this printer and where can I  put it (this is a bit overkill for most people since electrical is  miniscule for most printers and home users really aren't worried about  giving up space for a printer and what that "costs" them).

All of these factors (and more) play a part in TCO.

For  me, I always buy a home printer simply because I hate the inconvenience  of having to go to copy shop, having to go when they are open (so its  on their schedule not mine) and the drive there and back and gas and  everything else lol.

For me those factors weigh heavily as a cost  analysis and so I always end up putting more money up front and buying  my own printer.

If your printer lasts a few years (so you can't  buy the ones on sale for $29 USD) you will definitely save money in the  long run over a copy shop, plus your time and convenience.

Bitshares is a decentralised exchange founded by Dan Larimer.

They also have their Cryptocurrency with the ticket BTS.

Of course, Apples can grow on tropical climates, the top african producer of apples is Uganda and their Fuji apple variant.

Lol. Yes of course  they can. The Western cape in South Africa has a huge area for deciduous fruit. They grow all varieties of apples and pears. I know the soft drink Appletiser comes from this region.

Apples need a moderate climate that will grow in all temperate zones.They grow best if there is a cold winter and a warm summer with average humidity. I can see why you are asking this question as Africa is seen as very hot. The Elgin/Ceres area in the Western Cape is in a valley called the Hex River valley and this is mainly deciduous fruit farming with apple orchards.

First of all I think the Olympics have a lot of sports which is not even recognised and for me if I have a chance to include any activity I like in the Olympics it's definitely going to be  racing walking.

How is walk racing done? It's done by usually walking, but you'll have to increase your pace on the walk so that it will actually look like you're walking, but actually you're doing a walk race.

This is an activity that is very healthy I do it every morning, however since I don't have much energy to burn by running let's say 10 kilometers I race walk,

To understand race walking again, it is done by actually walking however you will need to increase your pace by walking very fast, so it'll look like you're exactly running, and however reaches the finishing line first, wins the race walk


Specifically multiplication or the times tables up to 10X10

When I was I kid I rocked at that.

Sad to say almost 50 years later, thats probably nmy best hope for an Olympic Medal

Oh or sarcastic answers. I could probably give most people a run for their money in that activity (read some of my previous answers and judge for yourself, that's a bronze medal at least)

Well if I could pick any activity that I'm good at and turn it into an Olympic sport then it would have to be eating.

It's not an Olympic sport but competitive eating or speed eating is actually a real thing but it's not recognized by the Olympics. I've actually taken part in one or two eating contests with a couple of friends and believe me when I say I've got talent!!!

The whole idea behind competitive eating or speed eating is to finish whatever dish is placed in front of you in a particular amount of time, or to finish it before the other people who are competing with you do.

There could be rules that govern what you can and can do like how many times you can take a drink or what happens if you vomit some of the food you eat. It's generally a very fun and enjoyable sport especially for someone like me who absolutely loves food.

I'm pretty sure I'd get at least a bronze medal in this. Hopefully the Olympics committee will add it to one of the Olympic events one day.

Is "climate change" a hoax?

Since I'm witnessing myself year by year how planet is cooling down, instead of warming up - the BS they are selling us

No, it's not a hoax.

Climate change is real and has been going on since the earth first formed.

There are of course natural cycles and rhythms that the Earth goes through. It heats up, it cools down. This is why there have been multiple ice ages (the last one approx 10,000 to 13,000 years ago) and then the Earth heats up and the ice melts.

This is simply the natural cycle that the planet goes through. The question about whether humans are CAUSING global warming is absurd when looked at over a great time period. We are not causing it because it was already occuring. We are however greatly hastening the effects and in essence shortening the cycle. This will have the additional effect of throwing more things out of balance and could cause greater unknown problems down the road that the Earth has not experienced before.

I would agree it is natural but not exactly when there was so much man interference in the nature

Just observe the climate engineering projects going all over the world and you shall realize my point

By the way american Gov is filled with them, you name it they'll have it

I think that saying climate change is a hoax is a hoax. Climate change is a fact. The majority of people who reject facts do it simply because their interests are at stake. 

The truth is that only a small research about the earth for 5 minutes is enough to prove that climate change is real, and it is very visible.

Climate is not something that describes daily conditions. What is defined by climate is the atmospheric conditions in a given place for a long time, typically 30 years. That means, claiming that climate change does not exist simply because last year today was hotter than today is a fallacy. 

There is another term that we have to talk about, which is "climate variability." Climate variability is the short term fluctuations of conditions in a given place. If you remember that last year today there was rain, and today there is no rain, that is exactly climate variability. The fact that we are wearing a coat today while last year we were going around with shorts does not show that climate change is a hoax. It simply shows that climate variability exists.

Who was speaking about last year? I'm speaking about the Earth cooling down instead of warming up, what elites are trying to sell us. Therefore, I didn't negate the reality of climate change but rather asked is the climate change they are selling us throughout the media outlets real?

I am sorry then, perhaps I didn't get the question exactly right. The only reason I talked about last year was just to give you an example simply because you said that you are witnessing it yourself.
I think you have a point there. Not everything they say about climate change is true. There is a significant amount of wrong information that we are exposed to.
I will try to explain it a bit in a more detailed manner, and you decide if what it is told by the elites is a hoax or not. Climate change is actually something that has existed in the world for thousands of years. It is a part of a cycle. It cools down, then it warms, and then cools down. We all know about the ice ages. An ice age is the cold stage of the cycle. We are not in an ice age now; in fact, scientists often describe the period we are in as an interglacier period. However, the problem here is that when we analyze the present data, there are several unusual numbers that has never been witnessed throughout the history of the world. In other words, we are stepping out of that cycle. Since, for example, the carbon dioxide levels have never been higher, it is certain that humans have caused this. And the high levels of carbon dioxide are one of the reasons that cause the global warming effect, which is one aspect of the "human made" climate change.
Nevertheless, it is hard to predict what will happen in the future. The earth is actually smarter than we think, it can perhaps influence things more than we do.
Back to your question, I don't know where you live, but in Turkey the climate change they are selling us throughout the media outlets is more than often not real. So, it would be better not to believe everything and do the research yourself, you would definitely have more accurate information.
Once again I apologize for misunderstanding the question.

Hello, answering your question. Climate change is not a hoax, it is an overwhelming reality that is killing us faster than we think.

Climate change is a global challenge that has no borders and to combat it requires coordinated work by all countries.

There is a great ignorance of what climate change really is, either due to excess information, inaccuracy in sources or due to misinformation, which gives rise to a series of false myths about climate change. In this space we will approach from an objective and scientific point of view what climate change is, what are its causes, its consequences and how it can be fought. In short, how climate change affects us.

In the first place, it is necessary to clarify two concepts that, although closely related, are often mistakenly taken as synonyms: climate change and global warming. There is an important difference, and that is that global warming is the cause of climate change, that is, the increase in the temperature of the planet caused by emissions into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases derived from the activity of the human being, are causing variations in climate that would not naturally occur.

The Earth has already warmed and cooled on other occasions in a natural way, but the truth is that these cycles have always been much slower, needing millions of years, whereas now and as a consequence of human activity, we are reaching levels that in other times they brought extinctions in barely two hundred years.

The causes of climate change are diverse, but all point to a single culprit THE MAN and his lack of consciousness in thinking that the land belongs to him.

The different causes are the greenhouse effect from the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere, pollution of marine ecosystems, deforestation, excessive population increase, land pollution.

 This global increase in temperature has disastrous consequences that endanger the survival of the flora and fauna of the Earth, including humans. Among the impacts of climate change are the melting of the ice mass at the poles, which in turn causes sea level rise, which produces floods and threatens the coastal littorals -even small island states are at risk of disappearing -.

Climate change also increases the occurrence of more violent weather events, droughts, fires, the death of animal and plant species, the overflowing of rivers and lakes, the appearance of climate refugees and the destruction of livelihoods and economic resources , especially in developing countries.

Great answer, even though I won't agree on the part : killing us faster than we think

Nothing can kill us, we are the creators here & how we act towards us, nature & everyone else will eventually decide what will kill us & won't

Therefore, there is lot of things we can do to extend our life-span than just sit around & speak how climate change is killing us

It is not a hoax. It is actually felt by Countries under Pacific Ring of Fire. We've been experiencing stronger types of typhoons. Our county Philippines has faced a lot of "Super Typhoons" when in fact for a couple of decades, we have not experienced such. Japan has hit so much Typhoon and even Hongkong.

We can see how much destroyed our nature is and as a result, Climate change occurs.

You think that's just climate, and humans have nothing to do with it?

Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.

This is often accomplished through the use of devices that have wireless Internet capabilities such as smartphones or mobile hotspots. Successful digital nomads typically have a financial cushion. The digital nomad community has had various events established to host members of it, such as the Nomad Cruise. Digital nomads may vary depending on status; common types of digital nomads include refugees, affluent people, younger people, and entrepreneurs.

People who become digital nomads often do so due to positive reasons, such as financial independence and a career that allows for location independence. Negative factors for why people become digital nomads include a reduced amount of full-time employment, political unrest, and a high cost of living in their country of origin.

You can read more about it here:

Nice answer, thanks ;)

Digital nomads are people who are using the internet to perform their work location indepently. They're living a nomadic life of traveling, and they use their location indepent way of working to earn money to be able to travel more. A decent internet connection is basically all they need to be able to work, so they can work from nearly every place, such as their own home (some nomads stay in a particular country for several months), but also internet cafes, libraries, coworking spaces, friendly people they meet, hotel rooms,...

The type of work they mostly perform can be something like photography (selling their pictures), blogging, writing, webmaster, coding (development), ...

True that, Digital nomad myself :P

A lot of it depends on what you are using it for.  If you are using it for commercial purposes then yes you absolutely need a license.  There is a test you have to take and I think there is even a small fee that needs to be paid to get the license in the state I live in.

If you are using it for personal reasons, I think the laws are a little more gray, but you are still encouraged to register your drone.

We have a couple of them at the school I work for and I had to give the teacher that runs the program information on how to get them licensed.  I am not sure if she ever followed through as I haven't seen much footage from them using them.

Yes more and more regulations are coming into place and I know in South Africa now you have to do a course to obtain a licence.

Over the last few years as drones have become more and more popular there have been a few incidents especially around airports. Because of the dangers imposed by the drones in this regard licences have to be issued now.

relaxing places are hard to find these days so anywhere there is no cell phone signal would help.

I often go to the game reserve for a safari which is about 4 or 5 days long. There is a cell phone signal there but you have to walk quite far to find it. Having your phone with you and just catching up on messages once per day allows your brain to switch off away from the every day hustle and bustle.'

No television and computer just the beauty of nature. It is like a detox for your brain and body as it is the total opposite of what you normally do. There is nothing to do but relax and it is so easy to do.

I think more people should do this as it relieves stress and recharges your batteries. Being able to think and have the time and space to let your thoughts wonder.

The most relaxing place I've ever been in is a church, my church to be precise. I dont know why but there's always this sense of belonging that I don't even get in my home.

Don't get it wrong. My parents are christians but their doctrine differs so much from mine. Theirs tends to impose actions and put pressure on their members but mine invites people to come to Christ and put the demand on him. It makes you free and here there is no one judging you and no one expecting you to be be what you are not.

In my church, I feel safe and secure, the way I never feel even when at home. My parents would almost always drum it into our ears that's you are supposed to do this, supposed to act like this and this sometimes makes living with them an uncomfortable experience. This however is not the case without the church. My church is gives everyone room to learn and grow and most importantly, to express yourself.

Well, mine is not very aesthetic or anything but it is very dear to me. There is a little spot in my university campus and it's pretty far away from all the other buildings. It's a beautiful place with lots of trees and laid back chars under them and there is a little cafeteria on one side so you can order some snacks too. 

The best thing about that place is that nobody goes to that place that often. It's very quite and relaxing there. whenever I'm fed with all those hour long lectures and lab sessions I go to that place and just sit there for hours and just think about nothing and worry about nothing. No one is there to disturb you and I just love it. 

The most relaxing place I have ever been is my home. I love my home, it is furnished to my taste and has everything I need to feel relaxed. Once I get home from work everyday, I'm already in a relaxation mood. I just take a shower , turn on the tv, bring out my dinner and eat while watching soap opera.

I don't feel comfy in clothes and in my house I can walk around in my immaculate form without any disturbing knock on my door. I can meditate peacefully because it is quiet and I can fall asleep if I feel like. My home is the most relaxing place for me.

After all no place like home.

First of all I think the question, phrased like this, assumes and generalizes. Yes, some old people are not afraid of dying, but some are just as afraid. Life is precious, and you'd be surprised to know just how deep the human urge for self preservation goes. In fact according to some researches it is equal only to sexual desires, which itself aims at a sort of preservation, the preservation of one's species. Which follows that by preserving your specie you preserve a part of yourself in them. Which brings me to the first point in answering your amazing question.

For those old people who aren't mortified by death, what exactly drives their confidence in the face of death?


We all know life is short and no one lives forever. That is the beauty of life. In fact, according to Toni Morrisson, that IS the meaning of life. From childhood we've learnt about this. We've had our whole lives to prepare for it.

Life has its viccisitudes. At a point life's great and everything's rainbows and unicorns, then it isn't. All the ups and downs are there to teach us just how feeble life is. We make friends, we lose friends. We make enemies, we lose enemies. We lose familiy members and loved ones and in the end at one point or another you start to contemplate your own mortality.

It might seem distasteful at first. You might rage against it, like Dylan Thomas said in his poem, but in the end you start to make peace with it. You start to content yourself with thoughts of enjoying the moments. And when you grow old you can look back on those moments you've had and be thankful for them.


Second, as i mentioned in the introduction, is preservation. As a kid, self preservation is paramount. As we grow old however and start to contemplate our mortality; start to wonder what will become of us in the future years to come, we start to think of ways by which we can preserve our legacies. First among them, like I said, is through our sexual urges; subliminating this into the preservation of the specie via our offsprings.

Much joy can be derived from this at old age, where you feel satisfied by the fact that you have preserved a copy or copies of you on earth to carry on your legacies.

Another way of posthumous preservation might be through deeds. Deeds of great men are honored and remembered. We still talk about and study men who lived thousand years ago. A man or woman who has done deeds s/he feels proud of also tend to feel less fear at the thought of death.


Various religions have different beliefs for what haopens after death. That is in fact the basis for most religion. A man or woman who feels his or her life has been lived according to the spiritual tenets of his religion might feel less afraid at the thought of death.

S/he would feel that since their lives on earth had been spent judiciously and piously, there is nothing to fear in the afterlife.

It should be worth noting that some religions don't believe in the afterlife and for these the consequence is neutral..


Pleasure palls. Life becomes boring. It is true that at the point where you seem to no longer be capable of having a thing you start to value that thing the more, and that is why most of people at their death beds pray for a second chance.

But also most people who have gotten old stay content with the fact that THEY have lived. Death would seem easier for those who have lived and loved to the fullest. Which is why we are always being admonished to not live our lives not for anybody but ourselves, life's too short. YOLO.


By mortification I mean genuine mortification/disattachment of the body--which some people do in fact attain. These "mystics" have attained a complete disjunction from eartly things; pleasures, pain, thrills, anything that may have caused them to feverishly cling to life

To them life, the body, isn't the absolute, but the soul. And it is in the preservation of one's soul that true bliss lies. And that can still be achieved even in death.


So there you have it; depending on your beliefs and dispositions, these are ways by which you can assure you're not afraid when the time comes. Cheers.

Also I'll reccomend reading Ursula le Guinn's take on growing old happily here:

I don't think are that afraid of dying. Most of have lived full lives themselves and have lost loved ones along the way. Their health may be failing or their minds might be going. They might miss their deceased spouse or they might just be in so much pain they are wishing it to end.

I think young people are much more afraid of dying than the elderly.

After living for so much time, losing your friends, family and others to old age and disease, people start to long for an end... at least thats what my grandma told me, whats the point of being alive past 80 when most of your friends are death and you can barely recognize the world at that point?

I once had a grandmum who will always wake up every morning angry that she didn't die in her sleep. I always wondered why someone would want to die. Sometimes she asks us to help kill her that she really wants to die. She was very old and frail. She later died at 104 years old.

I discovered that people tend to come to terms with death as they age. They have seen it all. Nothing amazes them anymore. They see at least two people they know die every year, they are tormented with old age sickness and have to go through excruciating pain. They have their children go away start a family and they are all alone with no one to care for them and sometimes sent to a nursing school where they only get perhaps weekly or monthly visits. The pleasures of this world do not entice them anymore. They become very dependant on others to do simple activities like walk, eat, pee etc and if they think back to the younger years, all they want is to just end it all.

Because they already had done so much in their life. They had achieved what they want to achieve. They had lived their life the way they wanted to be. They had contentment of the things that happened, and most importantly they had accepted that the last stage of life is dying.

If I could create my own blockchain network I think I'd follow the trend and create something that's meant to be a blockchain version of an already existing app or service.

I think I'd create blockchain that would be specifically designed for voting. I don't know if something like that exists but if it doesn't then I'd be the first person to make it. The blockchain would be set up in such a way that people would be able to do things like simple class rep elections or nationwide elections and since everything would be recorded on the blockchain, there'd be no chance of rigging.

I'd create it specifically for Nigeria because free and fair elections don't exist over here. The blockchain would of course be usable by any one, be it government or high school student. Considering the fact that in the last US elections, I saw on the news that some Russians apparently hacked the voting register and helped Donald Trump win(Not entirely sure how true this was) but then again it shows how unreliable present day voting systems can be.

Every person would be required to register themselves along with their passports and social security numbers or in nigeria it would be your national identification number. Votes will be casted from the comfort of your own home, simply by going online, providing the relevant information and clicking on who you want to vote for.

I'd also try to throw in a feature for extra security where the fingerprint scanners from people's phones or the face/retina scanners as well would double as a means of verification before the vote will be cast.

Since everybody's details will be recorded on the blockchain, there won't be anything like excess votes and seeing as people's biometric and personal data would be saved on the blockchain, it would be impossible to cast a vote using someone else's account.

For the sake of those who don't have smartphones, voting centers would be set up with biometric scanners for fingerprints, eyes and faces so that no matter what, if you don't pass the verification, your vote will not be registered.

As far as how important it will be to the world, I think it would be the perfect way to completely eradicate rigged elections and be a bold step in the right direction for democracy.

I would create a football blockchain, since it is one of the markets that moves the most money in the world.

I would develop it to make transactions from the stalls, tickets for matches  and have a greater control of  fans, to purchase passes and sale of football players.

Also do not forget the future stars who have not yet discovered create a site to discover new talents linked to blockchain.

  1. The Steem Blockchain - As someone a little introverted like me, this platform literally changed my life. Instead of spending my free time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and engaging some discussions with trollers and quality people in there, I don't get anything in return bust pure likes and followers. The likes and attention might be flattering at first but nothing still beats earning some extra money just by engaging with other people.
  2. ANIME & Video Games - Yeah believe it or not Anime and Video Games made my life 100 times better.  I have such a lonely childhood and these two made me cheer up. It made me not too much depress about some things from my past. :)
  3. Internet - As I've said I'm a little bit introverted so I'd rather spend my time alone indoors. What would I do without internet? How can I access the number 1 on this list? Lol

Number one would have to be my faith.  That is something that gets me through the good and bad times.  I may not know what is going to happen and it may not provide me all the answers to life's questions, but it is something I lean on as a source of encouragement.  

The second thing would have to be my wife, hands down.  She is my rock and my life would be pretty miserable without her.  No question in my mind she makes my life 100 times better if not more.

Finally I have to pick my dog.  She is just about the best.  She has her quirks and goofy habits, sometimes she drives me crazy, but I love her to death.  I can't imagine the "joy void" I would have if something were to happen to her.

Resilience. Life is complicated in the simplest way, everything changes. But sometimes life takes a turn that doesn't brings us joy. Resilience is what drives us to adapt, in the most positive way, to life; Take the pain and use it to be better; Build our own happiness.

Love. Because loving yourself always means loving the other. Joy should always be shared with everything that draws breath. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together, says the african proverb. Love is everything that connects us. 

Gratefulness. Once you reach true happiness you become a positive influence on the universe. You began to spread love, empathy, hope and dreams. You motivate everyone around you to be better.  

These are 3 things that I deem worthy of a life of plenitude.

What do you think will be the key to $10 per Steem price?

Please give us some valid features/news/updates/key additions what will be the key to achieve that $10 per steem.

 The main Key is time and patience.  

Because Crypto in general and Steem in particular has still lot of potential in it. Especially if someone is targeting it for a longer period. 

If someone intends to invest in this business, one should be very careful and have proper study of the crypto currencies, which he/she intend to buy.

One should also be very clear which type of investment he/she wants to make i.e short term or day trading, medium term and long term.

It seems that prices are at the lower side and eventually will go up if invested for the longer period. The point here is one should invest only that much of amount which he can afford to hold for a longer period. 

If the value of Steem is not increased, it is still profitable as we can earn by investing it in Steemit platform.

To me, Steem has a great future.

Moved to the Hive platform.

I think that any cryptocurrency token needs a real world use case if it is to  succeed in future. This means that the people investing in it are doing  so for more than just speculative profit. Steem blockchain defines the  very meaning of real world use by bringing platforms like musing,io  and to our fingertips. These are all reasons that will make the  price of Steem rise in the near future.

Getting paid for content creation is not ground breaking but what is ground breaking is the fact   that the Steem ecosystem is incentivized in manner that a user has a stake in the system (Vested SP).  Therefore most of the users are financially invested in the platform. This increases user retention and loyalty to the Steem blockchain, since users are invested to see the  platform succeed. 

All the above points are something that we all know about Steem in general but there are several key points that are worth mentioning separately. Here are the things that will be a key in taking Steem to $10 and beyond:

1.   The HF20 is geared towards making dapps the kings on the Steem blockchain. It will effectively make sure that you can make Steem accounts on the dapp itself (this feature will soon go live). Dapps will  become free from having to go to to register new user  account. 

2.  Platforms like will grow, gathering and  collecting the SP for their needs and this will create a shortage of Steem in the market and thus raise the Steem prices. 

3.  SMT's  will soon follow in January and  will allow dapps to issue their own  tokens based on the native token Steem. To issue  tokens they will need  to collect more Steem to back their tokens and thus create further shortage of Steem tokens in the  market. This in turn will further raise the price of Steem. 

4. The HF20, the SMT's and several other things that have been done to provide more scalability to the blockchain will make sure that Dapps would overtake all other projects on the blockchain. would be there as always but it would be dapps that would propel us towards a higher value of Steem token in the market.

Well the main key is more users of course.  There is a rule about the value of a social media company that says if the amount of users grows by 10x the value does grow by 100x. Steem is still very small compared to big social media platforms. So there is a lot of space to grow.

Also it's important to have new Dapps like , DTube , Steemmonsters ....

A other thing that will boost the price will me the launch of SMTs next year. In my opinion this does add a lot of value to Steem.

Moved to the Hive platform.

How do we encourage people with niche interests to blog and use Steem please?

I'm totally bored with looking at my feed on Steemit and seeing nothing but posts about Steem and Crypto. There are one or two niche communities such as #needleworkmonday but they are few and far between. I want to see more people come and show off their hobbies and passions instead of blockchain full of people writing and earning huge rewards about and from Steem. Any great suggestions please ?

There are actually plenty of sub communities on Steemit, the hardest part is finding them.  You are correct in saying that the majority of our feeds are probably filled up with crypto stories.  Those are still a big deal right now and they probably aren't going away.  Especially since Steemit is built on the STEEM blockchain.

I have said this as answer in a lot of my posts, but it really is what I believe is the most helpful.  Get a Discord account.  I feel like that should be the second most important thing you do after you get your Steemit account.  

Once you are on Discord and you start joining some of the servers, you will start to meet people that share the same niche interests as you.  From there you can build the community that you want.  It can be a huge thing.

I am a fan of alternative music.  A person I met on Discord is also a fan of alternative music.  He started a challenge that has people posting their favorite alternative bands on the weekend.  It has come to be a huge following that many people are posting to now.  The Metalweekend tag is another example of a person that had a passion for a specific topic and turned it into something huge.

That would be my second piece of advice.  Besides creating a Discord account and meeting people on there, try to turn the topic into a challenge or even a contest.  As you start to get people responding to it, you will then make those connections with the group of people that you want to target and read from in the future. 

It doesn't happen overnight, but if you put a little time, effort, and thought into it, you can build that niche community that you are looking for.

Good luck!

There are many people doing vlogs and blogs about different things, it is likely that you do not follow them and for that reason you can not see the material of that type.

I think the only way is to create a community in which the different categories are rewarded, most of the people publish about crypto in general and steemit because it is what is most sought after.

In steemit the majorityc of people  came for  cryptocurrencies.

What a brilliant question there, thank you, actually people would definitely say no to this question and this is because they hardly notice any change themselves, because it happens very slowly

As much as I'll hate to admit it, I'll say everybody's relationship changes with their siblings immediately they get married. I'm not trying to say marriage is a bad thing, but the truth is when one us married priorities will definitely change, the attention that one will show to their siblings will be shifted just slightly to their wives/husband and their children because they now have a new redefined responsibility to their children and their husband which will in turn reduce the relationship they share with their sibling.

At first they'll try to juggle both their nuclear family with their immediate sibling but as the years goes by the load of family commitments and family needs and responsibilities will bring changes no matter how small it may seem or look like.

So definitely I'll change because my commitment and responsibilities will be a challenge for me to match the relationship I once shared with my siblings because the commitments will have to be shared and my immediate family which is my wife and children will get the better attention because I'm now responsible for them.

It can and many times it does.  For example if you are very close with your sibling and you share everything with them, there will likely be shift from them being your main confidant to your spouse being that person.  It isn't something that you purposely do, but it is just something that happens over time.  Likewise as they find someone that they want to spend the rest of their life with, that will shift as well.

You are still siblings and you still love each other, but that closeness that you once shared will probably be gone to a certain degree.  It may make you sad, but you shouldn't necessarily see it as a bad thing.  It is just the way things happen.  

In the end it doesn't have to change it any more than you want it to.  As I stated, there will be changes, but you can mitigate those changes by still reaching out to your sibling.  Try to talk to them frequently.  Continue to share with them the way you have in the past.  You can both appreciate and respect each other by understanding and respecting the new relationship that they have started.

My relationship with my siblings will not change after I get married because they are family and that is for life. We didn't choose who our siblings are going to be. It was a choice our parents made and must be respected.

The only thing that would change when I get married in the context of my relationship with my siblings is priority. Yes my priorities would move from them to my immediate family. I expect them to do same, because when a person gets married, he begins a new generation.

I would like to give my new family my primary focus and attention. I wouldn't want my relationship with my siblings to suffer but I will try as much as possible to strike a balance. I will call them as often as I can, visit the when I can, give them any form of assistance I can possibly render but not to the detriment of the new family I'm trying to build.

When one gets married, it's like planting a seed. You need to water that seed and give it the right conditions for proper growth. Marriage is that seed. If you don't give it the time, attention, focus and care that it requires, it's sure to crumble. That's one of the reasons some marriages end in divorce courts even before the journey begins. I can't take the risk. This is my life, I've got to live it and I expect my siblings to do same.

Regularly it's not supposed to. They are your siblings and they are important but when you get married, new responsibilities come up. You have a job, you'll have kids and you'll have bills to pay. It's easy to get wrapped up in all of it and most people do and eventually they don't have time for their siblings anymore. It doesn't mean they don't love each other. It just means they are responsible to much more that each other at that point. But every once in a while a call or a visit would be appreciated and when your siblings are in need, never fail to help them. Because they'd do the same for you in a heart beat

 The answer may surprise you but it's Yes, banks invest heavily in bitcoin.
Here  is a non-exhaustive list of banks that invested in bitcoin in 2017:  Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, UBS, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, CityBank,  Barclay's.

By  investing in bitcoin, I mean either bought directly from bitcoin or  established partnerships with bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem  companies.
In  particular, 2017 saw futures trading on bitcoin (more info) on the  Chicago Stock Exchange, where investment funds and banks rushed.

Why are banks investing in bitcoin? Simply  because they understood that it had become a phenomenon too big to  ignore and that bitcoin would take a significant place on global  finance.

For  the anecdote, JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon publicly stated in October  2017 that bitcoin was "stupid", a scam and would fire any of its  employees who traded bitcoin. The impact of the case was global, relayed in the media and bitcoin immediately dropped by 20%.
What did JP Morgan do in the wake? The same day, the bank took the opportunity to buy several million dollars of bitcoin. It  was only a manipulation of prices to buy bitcoin, which proves that he  did not think a word about what he said about bitcoin. Funny, no! 

 Bitcoin No, Blockchain Yes!

When we talk about the banks' investments, we usually talk about investing in the bank's own funds. Otherwise called own account investment. Banks  can not yet invest to my knowledge in Bitcoin in accordance with the  current regulations and compliance with the liquidity and security  ratios of the funds of the bank.

However,  according to CoinBase, some Hedge Funds have been the experts in  investing in Bitcoins since 2014. Here is the list 6 New Hedge Funds  Seeking Bitcoin Returns. Therefore, through its hedge funds, banks may have taken positions on Bitcoins and / or offered to some very wealthy clients.

Julien  Boyer is right the banks have, his last years, heavily invested in the  underlying technology of Bitcoin: BlockChain, or French block chain. To make it simple Blockchain is a secure and distributed database. Basically, we can exchange, validate, and store information, in a completely transparent way. By  extension, a blockchain is a database that contains the history of all  the exchanges made between its users since its creation.

The profits of the blockchain are both perceived as a threat and an opportunity for the banks. A telling example is the investments that large numbers of banks have made in Ripple technology. Ripple is the new technology that will allow us to make our transfer and replace Swift! As a payment and settlement protocol, large banks like Santander saw Ripple's potential early enough for a bank. In a final fundraising for 55 million, a large Asian Standard Chartered Bank was in the game. Of course, Ripple is an example among others to tell you that yes the banks invert in the Blockchain.

Good day and long live the Blockchain;) 


I think it really depends on how severe your phobia is. I can definitely give you some tips that might help you, but keep it in the back of your mind that you might need professional help with this if you're really not able to overcome your fears.

Firstly, it's very important that you know your topic. Practice, practice & practice some more! Make sure that you read your text out loud in front of a mirror or a small audience of friends and/or family. Get more adept at speaking that way, it also helps to record yourself.

It's important that you're able to tackle any nervousness when you're finally giving your talk in public. There are some breathing exercises that you can look up, they might help you out in the moment. Believe in yourself, if you know your topic, that's already less reason to be nervous. 

If these things fail, you can join a training course for public speaking. There are probably classes for that where you live, it's not that uncommon. A lot of people have a fear of speaking in public.

Many people have this problem of speaking in public in front of a larger audience. I'll, share some tips based on my experience to overcome this phobia problem. 

**Simple tips to overcome the phobia problem while speaking in-front  to larger audience**

1. Practice makes the man perfect. So, the trick is to first practice speaking in-front of  a mirror. This will give you some confidence and slowly while rehearsing you will get better at it.

2. Do not try memorizing the topic which you intent to present or talk about. Generally, speaking people who are memorizing the topic will fear a bit if they are lost in between. The best practice is to know your subject well and the fear will just disappear.

3. Start with small conversations. Instead of choosing to speak for an hour choose topics that require short talks. This, will help you to build the confidence in you. Smaller talks and knowing your subject well will give you the opportunity to engage with the people and you yourself will not know how the time flew away.

4. Be relaxed. This is the key to getting rid of the phobia while speaking to larger audience. When your mind is tensed you will not feel that confident and you than tend to build that phobia up. Instead of that just be relaxed and concentrate.

5. Talk to people before you start speaking on the stage. Introduce yourself to a few members of the audience in the front row. During your talk look these people in the eye to ease your nerves and connect with your audience. 


You can drink any of the two tea without sugar, these are very low in calories.

Eat more

Yes, you read it right. What your metabolism needs to stay active is that you do not put yourself in "restrictive mode", the more you deprive it of food, the more it will retain the little you give it. YES. Make five meals a day that start with a good breakfast, two healthy snacks, a smart meal (depending on the physical activity you are going to do later) and a light dinner. Each digestion spends energy, so if you control the rations, your body will begin to burn more calories. DO NOT. You skip meals, the only thing you will get is to accumulate hunger, slow down your metabolism and boost the rebound effect if you diet.

Have breakfast like a queen


The nutritionists do not stop insisting on the importance of the first meal of the day, which is what starts the metabolism, which gives you energy and helps you regulate the appetite until the meal. Of everything. Your breakfast should contain healthy carbohydrates (bread, cereals or whole grain crackers and better organic, without added sugars or fats); natural juice or fresh fruit (better at the beginning to make digestion better); a skimmed milk or vegetable (if you have lactose intolerance or want to reduce even more calories), coffee or green tea (your first dose of antioxidants); healthy proteins (Iberian ham, turkey, egg) to take away your hunger; some healthy fat (virgin olive oil!) and something sweet if you fancy a lot (it's the best time to take it, you have all day to burn it), like jam without added sugar.

Pica between hours


In addition to helping you keep your metabolism active and consuming energy, it is the only way to control your appetite and not arrive with a wolf hunger for food or dinner. Of course, this pecking must be healthy. Psychologically, it will be a "rush" of endorphins to be able to eat when you are hungry. YES. Natural nuts, unroasted, such as nuts, cashews, almonds or sunflower seeds; a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of red fruits (second antioxidant ration); a skimmed yogurt; an inflated rice pancake; a can of natural tuna or low-fat cold cuts; a couple of oatmeal cookies or a couple of ounces of dark chocolate if you have a sweet attack.

Do not suppress hydrates

The pulses, the cereals, the bread or the integral pasta are not the culprits of your extra kilos. Your enemies are industrial sweets, sliced

bread, salty snacks (stay away from the work machine), sugary cereals and refined foods. This type of fast-digesting carbohydrates are those that control your GI, that is, your glycemic index or blood insulin level. YES. Always take hydrates at breakfast and eat them at noon (a plate of pasta, rice or vegetables) if you are going to exercise in the afternoon. Take legumes at least three times a week (your fiber is great for your intestines and you get hungry for hours) and the rest of the best hydrates, as they slowly pour into the bloodstream, do not produce insulin spikes and do not cumulate in the form of fat as refined ones. DO NOT. At carbohydrates at night. Everything that comes packaged and looks like fast food, forget it.

Discover the hidden sugar

Do you eat a little, try to make it healthy and still not lose weight? The class can be in white sugar, a chemical that does not provide any nutrients to the body and many calories. Do not you drink sugar? You may not add it to the coffee but you are taking it through the mold bread, the packaged vegetables, the soups or tetrabrick purees, the cold cuts, the smoked salmon, the yogurts, the precooked foods ... you just have to start reading the labels of what you buy to take your hands to your head and realize the amount of sugar you inadvertently eat. Less energy All that sugar is what causes insulin spikes, that you're always hungry and that you're low on energy.

Any question that involves cost needs to consider TCO - Total Cost of Ownership.

This means you do not look at just the price of something, but all the costs needed to run it and use it over long periods of time.

First for the copy shop

What do they charge per page? What do they charge for colour pages? Do you print in colour? How far is the copy shop from you? How often do you need to go? Are they open 24/7? Can you get there anytime you need to? How much does it cost you to go? (gas, bus pass, subway, taxi, etc). How much time do you need to go there and back home? How convenient is it?

All of the above questions have a value assigned to them. Especially the time and convenience type questions.

Now for an in-home printer you would calculate things like initial cost of the printer (this will vary on your requirements, do you need colour? do you need scan/fax capability?, etc), how much does replacement ink/toner cost? How fast will you need to replace ink/toner? What is the cost of paper? How fast will you need to buy more? Even something as small as what is your electrical cost to run this printer and where can I put it (this is a bit overkill for most people since electrical is miniscule for most printers and home users really aren't worried about giving up space for a printer and what that "costs" them).

All of these factors (and more) play a part in TCO.

For me, I always buy a home printer simply because I hate the inconvenience of having to go to copy shop, having to go when they are open (so its on their schedule not mine) and the drive there and back and gas and everything else lol.

For me those factors weigh heavily as a cost analysis and so I always end up putting more money up front and buying my own printer.

If your printer lasts a few years (so you can't buy the ones on sale for $29 USD) you will definitely save money in the long run over a copy shop, plus your time and convenience.

How often do you print? And whats the prices? If you print a lot and do it frequently, it would be cheaper to buy a printer as you save time going to the shop and can use that time to earn money elsewhere, but you will also pay less for your printing needs. Calculate your spendings at the shop in one year and see how much it adds up to. See if you can find a printer at less than that and can buy enough ink for it to last you the year at less than the amount you spend at the shop. It'll probably be cheaper to buy a printer if you print a lot.

It actually depends on the quantity, frequency and how much you need the printer. I mean if you wish to print loads of documents (and frequently along the days), buying a printer is a good catch. It also maximize your time and effort as you don't need to the copy shop anymore just to copy your documents. Another advantage of it will be very cost efficient. You only need a paper and a small ink that will surely cut the copy price to only by 10% of the cost especially when you are printing huge number of copies and using it along the days.

If you're just printing small amount of documents and not frequently, it is advisable to just go to printing shop as it doesn't need much to buy one.

In the beginning it was research. A friend of mine had intrdouced me to musing and I had checked out the platform and liked it greatly. But I was busy at the time so I didn't have a chance to really explore as much as I would have liked to. I promised myself I'd be back soon as I had the chance, but a thing or two seized my attention again and I never really got to it.

Recently, however, sndbox--of which I recently became a part--came up with the brilliant idea of having its members explore various DApps on the steem blockchain and write a detailed analysis of their experience. Due to my prior impression and earlier promises, naturally I chose So for the last couple of days Id been asking questions regarding the mechanics of musing and also answering a few questions to get the full scope of it.

It's amazing now that I think about it--and this is one of the many beauties of; Imagine having to carry out reasearch on a subject, and using nothing but that same subject as the tool for your research. Mind bowing right? And that's exactly what happened to me. Here I was trying to carry out some research on