Well first things first your post has got to have content that's worth reading. Nobody wants to go through a post that would make them question whether it was a kindergarten student that wrote it.

When you have that very important part down, next thing is to pay for upvotes, there's no shame in doing it, alot of people do it, not to make money, but to give their posts a little more visibility. You might write an epistle worthy of only the eyes of the gods, but if nobody with substantial SP upvotes it then best believe that even the gods of promotedpost, hottopic and huge-whale won't see it.

Finally, you could solicit some help from someone who's already recognised in steemit, that way if they share your post then alot of people are going to want to know why someone so prominent saw it fit to grace his page with your post.

If you check all these boxes and the post still doesn't go viral then maybe it's time to hit the drawing board again.

Two things can be done 

* the obvious way , use your money (Steem/Sbd) and send them to bidbots and they will give you upvotes which will rank the post to the Trending Page

* the Second one : If you have Whale friends who will give you Upvotes and by that you will see your post in the trending page (It is highly unlikely though)

By luck not many users have gone to trending page while if your content is original and you have worked for it using bidbots could work fine and many users will find your content useful and they will like it as well for the quality of it.

So basically this are the two ways for now.

Why should you want that? Most posts that go viral

  • have most of their votes done by auto-votes who follow the author or follow a curation trail - none of those voters have read the post.
  • have spent a lot of ressources in bots to get votes - again votes with no readers
  • People who vote for it because "it must be important" - the question remains whether they read the post. 

Get yourself noticed in your fields of interest with good comments, good posts and every post of you will go viral there where it counts.

Really the ONLY way to make your post go viral is by paying for it to do so.

If you spend enough money, buy enough votes you can hit trending or hot or promoted pages.

Most people quickly realize however that doesn't mean the post is quality or worth reading, simply that enough money was thrown at it.

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